Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Video-Democrats cut and run from Cindy Sheehan

Click the post title and the video will begin after a brief ad.






I can't seem to get that link to work, but I did find one that works here.

Buy Danish,

Last night I couldn't get that one to work so I used the one from the Fox web site. If you can get mine to play, you'll here somebody, I think it was Steny Hoyer since he's right by the microphone, saying "What do we do now?" The one from Brit Hume's show clips that off.
My Fox link still works, but it takes a few seconds to load. It sounds like it's really, "What do you want to do?"

On this topic. Refer to my comment at ml's this morning.

Damn, that was a space saver here wasn't it?

You have readers here that have no idea where ml's is.
By One Voice

January 4, 2007 07:13 PM | Link to this


Again, you have shown that you cannot discern between complete and incomplete sentences. That was a complete sentence, you idiot.

OK asshat, here's your sentence again.

What you have shown are not a typographical errors, but rather a lack of knowledge.

School teacher stalker boy, would you like to tell me again there is nothing wrong with that sentence?
Dammit. . .why didn't I think of taking my ex-husband on a Royal Caribbean Cruise BEFORE the divorce. . .

Without A Trace

Too bad you couldn't have taken the "school teacher" on that cruise. No wonder Georgia public school students have such a hard time.

Nickjacking creepy punk Stalker Boy will say that that was still a complete sentence, but with a typo where he accidentally hit a space+letter "a"+space on the keyboard.

Hey, at least he didn't call you a "stipid retart", which could get you killed if you're a pro-Eugenics Liberal.
Buy Danish,

I'm looking forward to hearing how it was more than a complete sentence and he wants extra credit.

I'm looking forward to Midori deciding whether to cut and run from him.

By One Voice

January 4, 2007 07:11 PM | Link to this


I love it when either Buy Danish or RW try to talk science. They make it painfully obvious that neither of them has any idea of what science actually is or the process that must take place to call something science. Then they find some ridiculous fringe nutcase website with one of only three “scientists” who disagree with the standards generally accepted by all the other thousands of real scientists. And the “scientists” they cite usually have “PhD’s” in fabricated fields from places like Liberty University, Oral Roberts University, Freedom and Life College, American Heritage of Conservative Values University, Right Wing Nutjob State, Bible School Technical College, etc. And then you get Andy, er.. Luckodull butting in with “Christian Science” (there’s no such thing) websites whose agenda is to dispel all science in order to spread mythology by using “scientific principles.” It is truly comical to witness.

Stalker Boy,

Prove it, you miserable freak.
Buy Danish,

Why would Midori worry about whether to squawk her approval? Look at my 12:20 over there, she thinks never means always.
Flatulent little Stalker Boy,

This was from a U.N. Report - one of the churches you freaks worship at.

To paraphrase DDA, MOOOOOOOOO!

(With a bleating BAAAAAAAAAAH! and an OINK OINK! for good measure).
Hey guys. I was all geared up to have a little fun over there at ml's
(see RW's mainpage, right column "sites" - Luckovich's).

Thomas (ToeJam) became slightly upset (WTF @@), and I was laughing my ass (all 10 lbs. of it) off.

Then he disappeared. luck. I had to leave, and didn't get back until 9:00.

I'm no longer fasting. L'dMFAO.

Can you give us a link to your diet secret? I'm tired of scrolling through MLs but would love to laugh along with you.

Where did you read about Renquist and placidyl? I didn't know anything about that.
@@, you rubbed that cat backwards., yuck. Just like the liberals.

It's not even a new story, just freaking stalker boy stirring up crap. This is an old story from Slate that kind of tars him with the addiction.

For some reason the AP came out a recycled version today. Placydl was a widely prescribed drug back then that nearly ruined many people that only thought their doctor knew best.
Yes, RW

I just googled and found a story on Renquist. That is sad. But the writers I read were upset because his early drug habit was not mentioned in his obituary. That's crazy.

If it was that bad, how did he get to the Supreme Court? I don't think anybody coming in now would get in with that on their record. Or was that after he was Chief Justice?

I have some friends in AZ whose son is dying with the same kind of thyroid cancer. The treatment makes him so sick he was tryng to decide whether he wanted to keep on with it. Wasn't a happy Christmas conversation. ( I thought someone was trashing Renquist in his last condition and it made me angry.)

Trust me, the same heartless sleazeball that brought it up today would trash Rehnquist in his last living moments too if he could. It's hard to believe how cold some of these liberals can be. It's also a sure bet that most main stream Democrats would be appalled at the antics of those that pretend to represent them.

I just read the AP review. Sounds little more explanatory but still trying to make Republicans look bad. Evidently the FBI was used in politics. Not good.

But, are liberals digging up a dead man to make Republicans look bad NOW? Sounds like it.

Buy Danish.

You have just said what I was thinking.

I guess there are no scruples anymore. Is that a good word *scruples*?

I have some liberal friends who are the "best". Glad you reminded me of them. We don't discuss politics too much. No use to put strain on a friendship.
Sorry RW, those were all your good words. I need some sleep. Played night owl last night. Mistake!

That's OK people seem to confuse BD and me quite a bit lately. I take it as something of an honor.

Ah, RW,

You and BD are irreplacable. So glad you are here.


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