Sunday, January 21, 2007

Watch for the real Hillary to come out around the 6:45 mark






That is brilliant parody. I loved when they showed the headline which explained her change in position.

Especially when it was framed as what she saw in Iraq.
From Dan Balz at Wapo:

New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday launched a long-anticipated 2008 presidential campaign that could make her the first female president in the nation's history and the only former first lady to follow her husband in the White House.

I'm sure glad that hard hitting journalist cleared that up since I already knew we hadn't had a female President, but I had no idea that no former first lady had become President. /sarc

LOL. The real story which that crackerjack WaPo journalist missed is that if she is elected her husband will be the first ex-Prez to be the First Lady.
Buy Danish,

That would only happen if she keeps him that long. Dick Morris is convinced that she would drop the name Clinton as soon as she was elected so she could be inaugurated as President Rodham. I figure she would probably drop Billy Jeff along with the name. She can't have him chasing the help all around the White House with no job getting in the way.

What happens if she goes back to Rodham and brings her girlfriend in as "first lady"?

I hope she doesn't look like Janet Reno.
So for the Democrats it's "Blood for Hillary if...." % "Half Committed or Convicted" depending.

Two halves of a less than perfect hole er..whole I'd say.

And they say Iraq's a hole we can't get out of.

It's really dark down there in Hillary's and Bills, and that's all I'm saying.
Make that % an &.
Buy Danish,

Do we have domestic partner recognition for honorary federal titles?


That's quite the display of symbols you've got working!

Probably not, but I don't doubt that there are those who would make this their cri de guerre.

I think we'd end up with "First Partner"?.

And to think they made fun of W for being a cowboy.
Woops! All those @@ symbols gone wild subconsciously made me to put a ? where it did not belong.

Now you expect a lecture from stalker boy on the proper use of punctuation.

Stalker boy,

,,,...???!!! You know what to do with them.
Alright RW. Bottom line on my comment.

Hillary bores me, so I was applying Plato's principle. "Fools just have to say something".

I think PoliFore has pee'd on me once to often.

I'll shower.

Boring everyone could be Hillary's new strategy. If we're all asleep at the wheel it's easier for her to take the helm.

I just read this about Overzealous Fitzgerald which you'd linked at Wooten's.

Scary. And may I say how glad I am that James Comey did not get Ashcroft's job.
Buy Danish,

Funny that this comes up on a post about a SNL skit. There was a skit once after impeachment that showed Newt and Bob Livingston sitting at a bar asking each other what the hell had happened. Clinton comes in with a couple of bimbettes and buys Newt and Livingston a drink.

It seems now that Fitzgerald is trying to get somebody for the Marc Rich pardon and Clinton slithers away again.
Buy Danish:

Hillary comes across as a cold dead fish. The woman has absolutely no panache. She is a 60's radical activist in love with her own voice.

I saw her on T.V. during a meet & greet with some constituents and her facial expression was so forced, that her eyes crossed.

Other than the controversies that surrounded Bill, there's nothing significant about her. She's a prune.

Boring....aaaacccckkkkk, I can't stand the woman.

What night does 24 come on?
@@, a big suck on a sour lemon with a lime twist is what it is.

24 comes on tomorrow at 9:00, but nobody will be watching because because the best show on television, Heroes, is restarting it's season at the same time.
JayNot: I'm glad we agree. Sour puss it is.

RW: I think I've seen bits and pieces of that Heroes. Came in on two Asian guys with subtitles, and another time, something that looked like a football game. Is it sci-fi?

No subtitles, sci-fi or football for me.

Down & dirty with intrigue and Keifer. There used to be a fruit flavored soured milk you could buy at health food stores called Keifer.

I wonder! I heard his Mom & Dad were the commune types.

I crafted a long, artful, and dazzling response, but the evil Dr. Blogspot ate it. Art is art and I won't try to replicate my earlier effort.

Suffice it to say that Heroes is even better than 24 and TV execs should spread the precious little quality they provide around.

*24* is on tonight.

I am all too familiar with Hillary's icy personality. We could even name a drink after her - the Hillarita - containing no tequila/cointreau, just 100% sour lemon and a sprinkle of artificial sweetener.

I'm just saying we have to be on the ball or we could wake up one day and find her sitting in the White House.

BTW, if you want to read a great book about the Clinton's and how positively scary they are Partners in Power is the best of the lot. If I were running against her, I'd be handing out free copies.


Damn, I have to go with *24* but now I'm going to be so out of it when you and Honu recap the action.
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I'm going to leave the 1:32 up to illustrate why we need to get rid of anonymous comments since it doesn't have a bunch of porn links.

I wouldn't advise going to any of those links.

I get several of these every day and I really hate having to go back and turn off all comments for old threads in case someone stumbles on one of the old posts and wants to comment.
We've got to get Dusty in blue.

Her son was gonna help her out, wasn't he? I remember when I set up my account. I had to go through a bunch of different names, passwords, because it kept rejecting me. I'm assuming there was another me somewhere in "e-blogger".

Who knows. I'm like Dusty when it comes to computers.
Ha, you got spammed and another Clinton in the WH.

A twofer.

If anonymous is getalife, he really should show that pretty face of his.

Stop being lazy.


About 24. Was the "bluetooth earbob" guy Jack's brother last season, or has that just been revealed in tonight's episode?

This can be the Monday night 24 board, while Heroes stumble next door, and to them I say....HA!!!!!


The guy is familiar, but I don't remember him from last year's episode, so you got me!

It's not fair that RW and Honu get to talk at the bar while we're stuck over here.

Oh hell Buy Danish, we could turn this into a sports bar.

We can talk about the liberals at ml's. We'll call them "Team Tedium".

It's almost too painful to watch.

Trying to watch them keep up with their own game
is sometimes amusing though.
Can anybody tell me why the comment box is still open at Wooten's?

Maybe they want you to say something. They are making some changes over there and his blog doesn't have hours posted on it right now either.

Do you think they meant to leave Wooten's open? I just posted something and after awhile, there it was.

Do you think they FINALLY barred Pofo? Seems like he wasn't on there today.

I haven't been reading over there. If they could get rid of TFTT and Polly, they might have a decent blog. Somebody would probably just take their places though.

Wooten's is usually pretty good on the weekend though.

I did post something. I was "Hello".

I'm not supposed to post there anymore, remember? It is tempting though. You and Honu should take the sports bar over there. It would be a hoot. Off topic, but a hoot.


PoliFore is still there, he's incognito, but at least behaving himself.
Only you know about the KoolAid or do liberals call it “Band Aid” since they have NO ideas other than stick-on complaints about conservatives?

Dusty -- again, one of the best lines of the day! Hope you are well and had a great birthday weekend!

@@ & Dusty -- I really think PoFo is gone. . .it seems he/she/it was banned starting Monday of this week. It's a nice change to not have to sift through all of that garbage to get to the real comments. But, as you said, @@, it may just be behaving, but I don't think one that deranged can contain itself unless totally constrained.

People like PoliFore are in desperate need of attention and don't give up easily.

I've heard tell there are ways around bans.

I'll be checking in just in case to kick his ass if he resurfaces and uses my @@. I truly do enjoy it. (Smile)
Gosh, do you think this'll work for conservative hawks?

Eat more chicken? 433 to be exact.

I forgot to thank you for your compliment at ml's today.

Well balanced is not a term I've ever heard used to describe me.

Odd...tilted...strange & wierd come to mind.

I'll take your well balanced with much gratitude and add it to the list.


I think we should bring that screaming Chinese kid to Gitmo.

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