Saturday, February 17, 2007

Harry Reid foiled as a few Republicans grow a spine

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate gridlocked on the Iraq war in a sharply worded showdown on Saturday as Republicans foiled a Democratic attempt to rebuke President Bush over his deployment of 21,500 additional combat troops.

The vote was 56-34. That was four short of the 60 needed to advance the measure, which is identical to a nonbinding resolution that Democrats pushed through the House on Friday.

"The Senate, on behalf of the American people, must make it clear to the commander in chief that he no longer has a rubber stamp in Iraq," said Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., in the final moments before the vote.

Republicans blasted him and the Democratic leadership for refusing to allow a vote on an alternative that ruled out any reduction in money for troops in the field.


Is it true that an AP-Ipsos poll shows that only 38% of Americans approve of defunding the war?

If that's right, where does that leave the Democrats in 2008? Are they planning on lying about who is responsible?

Are they hoping that we'll all forget about the inevitable slaughter?

I also read somewhere that this type of action is in violation of the constitution. War Act or something.

I know that's a lot of questions to answer, but I know you'll give it your best shot.

I think they know that defunding is very unpopular which is why they want to micro manage the money and set impossible conditions for fighting. What they will do is load the conditions into the spending bills which will force the Senate to filibuster or the President to veto and then blame Republicans for not funding the troops.

President Bush better get out ahead of this quickly and make the case of how dangerous it is to try to fight a war with 536 Commander in Chiefs. I think he can make the case that once authorized to use force it's Constitutionally his obligation to fight the way he sees fit, but he needs to make the "why it's bad" case or he'll get trashed in the press by those that say Iraq is a hopeless disaster because of him. It wouldn't hurt if the White House would quit being so sensitive to claims that they are painting too rosy a picture and get some of the good news out there.
Thanks RW. It would be great if groups like the Swiftboat Veterans would check out each one of those spending bills and pick them apart showing the American people what the Democrats were up to.

Paid advertising on the major news channels, and all done before Bush had to veto. The mainstream media sure wouldn't cover it voluntarily.

I don't know much about this Phil E. Buster or Vito guy, but my suggestion makes perfectly good sense to me.

It sure accomplished what it set out to do in 2004.
Well that's weird. I posted this last night and it disappeared into thin air. That Dr. Blogspot is a thief.

Murtha is morphing into Bill Arkin.

The troops have everything they need - they live in palaces.

Maybe he wants to redeploy them to Okinawa so he can have those palaces all to himself.
Buy Danish,

This morning on Fox News Sunday Brit Hume was talking about how Murtha was just getting to the point of clueless babbling. It replays at 6:00PM on FNC.

I think the evil Dr. Blogspot just moved your other post down to the Sam Johnson thread.
Hi Buy Danish -- this was in one of the comments below the story you linked to:


Clever, eh?

Thanks for noticing that, I just passed it along to Wooten's.
Is it just on my end or did the AJC's Commodore 64 crash again?
Hey RW -- thanks for the hat tip! I tried to thank you over there but my post didn't show up.

Do you think the guy/gal who runs the blogs got his/her walking papers today?

It may be me, I'm having a tough time getting to my blogs too now.

I saw you mention the Hume smackdown of Murtha. I caught it at 6:00.

I found it interesting that Juan Williams didn't disagree with Brit's assessment that Murtha had not a clue, almost seemed to agree. But then Juan points out he will be a force to be reckoned with.

So a Democrat who doesn't have a clue, and is out of touch with reality, is acceptable as a committee chairman.

How about the fact that William "Freezer" Jefferson (D) New Orleans has been appointed to the Homeland Security Committee?

He is suspected of taking bribes from the Nigerian Government which may be the most corrupt (and dangerous) country on the planet.

I saw where Jefferson's appointment was mentioned at ml's...Wooten's? Anyway, I didn't pay too much attention.

Didn't Pelosi attempt that early on, but was discouraged from following through or was that a different committee?

Talk about lacking attention to detail. Murtha and Jefferson are the little details that need to be brought to the attention of the public.

I knew it would be a catastrophe with the November elections, but I had no idea they would reveal their incompetence so early.

C'est des libéraux, ils ne peuvent pas s'aider.
Alright, I want to have a word with all you neocons <--- (Is that supposed to be hyphenated?) here.

Posted by Midori at ml's:

Are you people so insecure of the veracity of your beliefs that you have to lace them with the pointless and childish name calling?

If you’ll note, I don’t embark on that road until they start it. I am well aware of the irony. But I refuse to let these self-appointed blog sentries get away with calling me out of my name and letting them get away with it. And pointing out their loathesome hypocrisy.

RW P****, Baaaaa Danish Hag, Diddlin' Crusty Dusty.....STOP MAKING Midori call you names. It's sooooo not her MO.

How Midori can use the word "lace" in conjunction with her name leaves one to wonder.

(Insert smile here)

Now, have at it. Hit me with your best shot. Do it for Midori.

Poor Midori really, really hates being called Parrot.

I left her and rushncap a message at MLs
Well, it looks like Maliki is growing a spine.

"Don't just fire back, crush the place where the fire came from," Maliki replied. "Don't treat them with leniency. This is an armored vehicle here, use it."

Oh Harry, I love it when you talk dirty.

One of the few benefits of the Democrats stepping all over each other to see who can surrender fastest is that Maliki knows they to step up fast and show that Iraq is serious about eventually being self governing.

As much as I admire Dick Cheney, I agree with Bruce Bartlett.

I had begun to hope that Newt might find himself as Bush's VP two years out from the 2008 elections.

I think it would be the boost that he needed.

Interesting idea! Bush had better hurry up and do it.

Newt is highly intelligent in historical content.

He's just enough in opposition to Bush to draw the moderate right, but I wasn't clear on whether a nominee to fill a VP vacancy had to come from inside the Washington politico.

I don't think the Congress and Senate could afford to oppose a VP nomination at this critical juncture.

It would appear very irresponsible, but then they haven't minded appearing irresponsible so far.
I swear, either rushncap "chooses" to overlook the obvious (my dual interpretation of mitzvah) a "commandment" AND an "act of kindness", what he called "a good deed", or HE is as stupid as Midori.

I think he's both. Intentionally selective and stupid.

I just read your cry for technical help at ml's. Really, when you addressed it to "anyone" did you forget about my abilities?

You should have said "this goes out to everybody but @@".

Never fear though, I'm here to give it my best.


Your welcome.
Thanks @@!

That's the option I've been trying. :-)

Semper tried to log in, but forgot his password. He says:

"RW, this is SemperFi. I work in mainframes and have friends in the networking group that deal with WANS, SANS, TCPIP, SSL, etc. I'm also friends with a guy that supports telephone systems. If you don't need your answer right away, I can present your question to them tomorrow for a possible answer. Let me know if it can wait, and if you want me to ask them."

Oh Mister Semper, I love it when you dictate to me.

@@ & Semper signing off.
Semper & @@,

Nice trick to get @@ to type all that.

I'm supposed to talk to the IT administrator tomorrow so I should have better information. This is a multi-layer contract job and I don't think I was given nearly enough information to set up the PuTTY session since I got it about three levels down the information chain. I'm just going to bypass a few companies and try to get all the right info at once.

After that I might need help with configuration, but I will probably have a more clearly defined question. There isn't any rush at all on it.


As @@ says, "Huh?" Good luck though!!!


Is it correct to say that you are "a mitzvah"? You are "a commandment"? You are "a good deed"?

Have not doubt that rushncap is as stupid as Midori, just wrapped up in a slightly prettier package. Emphasis on "slightly".

Did you see his "people fight for land" theory? I left him a message, but forgot to mention the Crusades.

He really should stick to the two "P"s. Physics and Porn.
rushncap correction!

Make that the 3P's: Poker, Porn, and Physics.
Well crap! Welcome to our northern borders.

The Canadian Supreme Court unanimously ruled against an anti-terrorism law Feb. 23 that allows terrorist suspects to be jailed without a judicial process. The law has been suspended for a year to allow parliament to revise certain sections. The court said suspects can leave the country at any time, but they must be monitored or detained until their departure because of the threat they pose.
I'd like to hang with these guys. Ride a "hog", the wind blowing.....

Oops, came here to leave this from CNS News. It wouldn't let me link. Kept telling my tag wasn't closed, when I know it was.

Veterans Vow to 'Protect Our Memorials' During Anti-War Rally

"We stand to challenge any group that seeks the destruction of our nation, its founding precepts of liberty and freedom or those who have given of themselves to secure those things for another generation," Bailey added. "We will be silent no more."

Good for you, and isn't it funny how they didn't deny the desecration of the White House steps.

You are judged by your actions and the company you keep.

Who is more deserving of respect and admiration?
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