Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Meet John Edwards' blogmaster

Michelle Malkin was kind enough to read the posts that led to Amanda Marcotte's selection so that you don't have to.

**UPDATE** 2/7 6:30PM Part II

I like the response to MM's video at YouTube. One comment claimed "Michelle appears more deranged than ever".

Totally overlooked the fact that she was reading verbatim from Edward's blogmaster.

Is it any wonder they proclaim enlightenment? The view from each others ass-ettes is light?

If you're wondering why I'm posting at 2:23 a.m., it's because I had a bout of hypothermia, and fell asleep at 5:30 p.m. Tomorrow will be tough.
I love the Masterpiece Theatre theme.


I wonder if John Edwards will claim that Mistress Amanda was channeled through him.
Buy Danish:

You mean that wasn't Michelle's mansion? Her being such a greedy capitalist pigstail and all.

I was gonna say "pig" W*&%@, but Midori's recent visits still linger in my mind. The "Dem"ure approach I guess.

I think every Democratic candidate needs a mouthpiece like Amanda. It would be most helpful to the Republicans in '08.
Hey I just realized I missed the second episode, which was better than the first.

Speaking of trial lawyers, what a racket.
Buy Danish,

I just put Part II up a few minutes ago.

Those trial lawyers especially like class action suits which generally screw over everybody but them.

Silly me thought the 12:20 a.m. went with the second video.

I gave up on MLs today but see you got in a post about Nancy "Perk" Pelosi. I think she has an Evita Perone complex or something.

I hope the pentagon just says no to Madame Perk.
That was just hilarious!

John Edward's blogmaster?

Sounded just like Mi Mi...

I'm not going to say it.
Buy Danish,

I guess I really should put the time next to any updates. I've got a feeling this won't be the last in the series. Amanda was quite the foul mouthed little blogmistress.
Jay not jay,

All the things Michelle is reading are coming straight from the blog that Edward's new blogmaster ran and that said blogmaster/mistress wrote.
I just added a time stamp to the update, but it still looks weird with the original timestamp on the bottom.

Isn't MM saying that Slate is saying that the Mistres of misspeak* was fired by the clear-cutting, carefully coifed trial lawyer?

*Huge Inspiration
Buy Danish,

I was just getting ready to post this, maybe that's why some of those fools think we're the same person.

It sounds like the Silky Pony is keeping his options open.
I would swear that boy has autism (asperger's).

But what syndrome does Amanda Marcotte have?


That sounds about right!

Mistres Amanda definitely needs to stay away from NASA.

I'd love to see her interviewed by H&C or someone to see her in action.
Buy Danish,


Iowahawk has unearthed some of Amanda's ideas for the Edwards campaign.

Mistress Amanda updates from Hot Air:


I was beginning to think this was a hoax but then I watched Buy Danish's CNN piece.

Ouch! Edwards has been warned. "Don't cave in".

Have you heard about the "military analyst" William Arkin brouhahaha? The heart of the Left is not a warm and fuzzy place.


Mistres Amanda's imaginary letters to Edwards are elexehentay - thanks for sharing!

I wonder if he'll sue her for something?

I haven't heard anything about the Arkin story. I spend most of my time researching the ME. I'll check it out.

I couldn't read all of Amanda's letters to Edwards. I was laughing to hard. I couldn't see the screen for the tears.

Her suggestion for an abortion clinic in Edwards new home, and referencing the basketball court gave me a visual of "bouncing babies".

Not all that far-fetched for someone like "effin" Mandy. Sounds like she might be their "star forward". She's certainly obsessed with the word, at least.
There's an article at Brietbart. Edwards is not going to fire Amanda.

Did anybody see the investigative committee rulings on the pre-war intelligence today?

I came here to post that Brietbart story. Here we go.

Edwardsis a fool who doesn't deserve to be dog catcher.

I spilled my kids cough syrup on my computer mouse and I can't get it off all the way so it's screwing up my posts.

Gotta shut down the computer and scrub it clean.
It's the two Americas thing.

I read your post to rushncap re the TruGirls blog.

Anyway you got me curious, and you know me, I venture into the sphere...

I find this:

first thing out of the box is Midori complaining, rushncap, being a teacher (cough ... colorado teacher sex; my first sex teacher porn; free teacher sex


Anyway, I didn't go into the site. You had to register. It was free, but I don't like giving those sites my info. I worry they might contact me or give me worms or something. The entry page is more porn than I care to see.

There is our Midori and then there is this Midori.

More on Midori the "Sex educator".

There may be more than one Midori, but I'd bet a million mangoes there is only one rushncap.

Good move not joining up with that site. If you saw that blurb on google you can click where it says "cached" and go to that entry instead of the main page.
Buy Danish,

You'll have to give 3 or 4 to 1 odds to go along with those million mangoes. Do you think he was a student? At least it would fit in with what he tells the TrueU girls.

I think he could have been one of Mistress Midori's students.

She seems to have a thing for ropes.
OMG Danish, the things that can be found out there. Our Midori knows a lot about vibrators, so does the other Midori, but erotic storytelling? Our Midori and the Blog Mistress could use some help in that category.

Speak softly when you're looking for a big "schtick".
Looks like we have some new troops, but it doesn't look like they'll help much.
I clicked on the "cachet". I must be dumb or something. None of it made any sense to me.

a "rushncap" was mentioned.

I couldn't make heads or tails out of anything going on there.

Oh well....I'm tired, but before I go, what do you guys make of Musharraf's middle east initiative? I read an interesting article on it. All sorts of speculation going on in the ME, but not much coverage by our media.

See 'ya...

You are supposed to our Middle East correspondent. Goodnight!

I'll fill it briefly before I go too.

From Michelle Malkin - we are kicking Al Qaeda's butt.
Buy Danish,

I disagree with MM about one thing. It wouldn't have mattered if nothing else had happened today, that information still wouldn't get into the news until they could figure out how to turn it into bad news or claim Hillary secretly told them how to find these things when she was there last time.

The blunder twins march on and their supporters are rewriting the dictionary.

You're right about MM. As for the Blogging mistresses signifying the end of journalism, I agree.

In the Left's "reality based community", the word "gal" is racist (according to DDA), and it is racist to call a black (or more accurately black/white person like Obama) "articulate". (Did you happen to catch the chick from Essence Ragazine and Lauren Hill (?) shrieking most inarticulately about it on O'Reilly?)

This is Orwellian nonsense, but to professional victims it is the coin of the realm.

This is how people like Hillary win elections.
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