Friday, February 09, 2007

Russian fishermen catch squeaking alien and eat it

We haven't had a good Pravda story up lately, but anytime fishermen start eating squeaking aliens it's a must post.

Village residents from the Rostov region of Russia caught a weird creature two weeks ago after a strong storm in the Sea of Azov. The shark-looking creature was producing strange squeaky sounds. The fishermen originally believed that they had caught an alien and decided to film the monster with the help of a cell phone camera. The footage clearly shows the creatures’ head, body and long tail. The bizarre catch was weighing almost 100 kilograms, the Komsomolskaya Pravda reports

And who knew they were also delicious?

However, ufologists and scientists were greatly disappointed when they found out that the fishermen had eaten the monster. They said that they were not scared of the creature so they decided to use it as food. One of the men said that it was the most delicious dish he had ever eaten.





Well the video of the alien wasn't available, but there were boobs galore.

There is a video and it is bizarre to say the least. Maybe they stole it from a Hollywood lot.

They say it looks like sturgeon, but this is the closest thing I've found from Google images that looks remotely like that creature - which among other things had a clearly defined rib cage.

Obviously it was about to evolve into a human as the Adam of alien fish. We'll have to ask MLs resident scientists for their opinion.
The alien stole my sturgeon link.

I came back and had to activate some program to see the video.

Wierd, but then so is Pravda.

There's no way I would have eaten it. The rib cage looked too familiar. It would have seemed cannibalistic, devouring your own.

I wonder what the rib count was? An Adam or an Eve?
Ohhh all this and right after breakfast. Anybody who could eat that thing had to be mighty hungry. Erppp

Was it the tough love tactic or were just holding out on us before.


When I try to look at a video like the one with the alien all I get is a green screen, but I hear the audio. Do you remember what you had to load?

Buy Danish,

Those sturgeons sure do get a lot of blame. Isn't that what Scott Peterson claimed he was fishing for?

It was in a tiny strip above the video. It came up as ActiveX. The last time I dealt with that program?, I was blocked from bukoos of sites.

I had no problem with the video. other than it stopping/starting a few times.

Here's the link - which is probably useless since it probably depends on your computer settings, but maybe it will inherit mine!
Pravda! My favorite Aliens having sex with human females website! Thanks, RW -- I can always find out what Sasqwatch is up to as well.

Hey -- the video worked fine for me. It looks like a person with a mermaid costume on. Wonder if they had it scattered, smothered and covered? Would explain their delicious-ness description (I really miss Waffle House.)

Then, I'm on that website and click on a video that was NSFH -- BUT -- it sure was interesting. Japanese women, with Japanese men and. . .well, just go back there and look for that picture then click on it. I sort of got caught up in the music ;-.)

Are you at Fark or Pravda??


I can't find that link Honu is talking about, but I did find an important story for Sonia.

Nudism endangers human potency and health.
Buy Danish,

I got it to work if I used Firefox, but still can't get IE to work. I've got IE7 and WMV11 so it's got to be some setting I have screwed up.


Japanese sex videos? Don't tell rushncap.
Aha, RW -- it took me to a place called Fark -- but not until I clicked on your headline here -- I got the video, then when it was done, I clicked on that picture.

And I understand what @@ meant about all the boobs -- sheesh, they're so obsessed in Russia. And Fark <-- what continent would that be?

Honu!! I'm shocked, shocked!!


It's at Fark and it's the top picture on the left when the alien fish is playing. The picture looks like a scene from Coma or something.

I tried IE 7 for 2.5 seconds and gave up. I hated that they didn't have edit so I could cut/copy/paste at the top and had to use a drop down menu.

As a follow up to Midori's completely insane rant about O'Reilly, tonight is one of those nights where I LOATHE him.

He is going on and on about Anna Nicole's 'drug use' and how it's her own fault for using drugs, blah blah blah, without knowing the facts of the story.

If she was addicted to prescription drugs, that is not the same thing as shooting up heroin on the street corner.

There's a Fark here that usually does all kinds of photoshopped pictures.


You're right, there's a boobapaloosa going on on that page.
Buy Danish,

I'm a caveman apparently. I just highlight and use control c to copy and control v to paste. I don't think I've ever even looked for a menu to do it.
RW -- rushncap wouldn't like Fark -- no Christian discussions for him to Lord it over.

/I followed your 10p link last night from MLs and got caught up in reading every post. So between that, the Prada link today and then Fark, my recent tube explorations are all YOUR fault. But vewy, vewy interesting ;-.)

You say Prada I say Pravda, tomAtoe, tomAHto...

...or did you mean Prada, in which case I'm not to blame.

I am completely lost and cannot find any japanese men and women, which is probably just as well.

I'll have to learn to use the control buttons. I think I'm the Flintstone cave girl and you're computer savvy Jetson.
Buy Danish,

This should be it. I couldn't see it since I didn't bother to reopen Firefox, but the music sounded right.
Danish, I saw your link. You better not let r'cap see that. Looks like a r'cap kind of gal, eeeew. Scattered, smothered and covered...good one Honu:}.

EEEEEEW. I knew I wouldn't like that Japanese video. After reading "Memoirs of a Geisha" the Japanese were already on the bottom of my "sexy" list, and now this. What a bunch of weirdos.


I don't get the "scattered, smothered, and covered" reference. I don't know whether I should ask to have it explained to me, or not.

They are some strange one. Time to fix dinner. Talk to you guys a little later if you're around.
Danish, I should have spaced the sentence, but the Russian fishermen ate r'cap's girlfriend (the squeaking alien).

Scattered, Smothered and Covered is how you get your hashbrowns done at Waffle House (scattered a little, smothered with onions and covered with cheese).

Hmm, the Japanese link now...r'cap probably couldn't concentrate on his ski run down Aspen with that one.
Hi Jay-not-jay -- hope you are well and had a wonderful week! I left you a football message at the bar.

Buy Danish -- to each his/her own -- I loved the book Memoirs of a Geisha.

Also, BD -- scattered, covered & smothered is a Waffle House term that is used when they grill their fabulous hash-browned potatoes. There are no WH's up here. . .just Denny's and they can't come close with their weak attempt at hash browns.

Bon appetite, Mr. & Mrs. RW!
Hi Honu, while we're on hashbrowns.

Bones in Atlanta off Peachtree and Piedmont has the best, hands down, hashbrowns in the world!

Google is giving me tough love. Sometimes I can post. Sometimes it never heard of me.

Very strange. Oh well. i will see if it loves me tomorrow. Hi and goodnight..

r'cap does claim that porn helps him concentrate. Excuses, excuses!

The next time I go to Waffle House I'll have to check out their hash browns. The kid loves to go there, but I hate that fake butt- widening maple syrup. I'll just have to bring my own real stuff.


I loved the book, but I don't like the Japanese, particularly after reading the book, and reinforced now after watching that bizarre porn fest.

I like IHOP the best!
Buy Danish -- I stumbled on the Japanese video via PraVda via Fark. I thought it was interesting and not like anything I'd ever seen before and it really made me laugh :-.)

Have you ever read "Snow Falling on Cedars?" It's about America's reaction to Japanese/American's after Pearl Harbor is bombed. It is an excellent novel - I actually went back and read it a second time last year.

Jay-not-jay -- Bones was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Atlanta. The chef that was there was the one who showed me how to steam asparagus and then Bam! them with parmesan cheese -- yummy. Their hash browns are identical to those you get at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami -- and you are right; they're among the best in the world.
I agree, Danish, that's why I never get anything at WH that requires syrup. Your hands are sticky as hell after handling that sticky pitcher pooring syrup and it tastes like coffee.
Now asparagus, that's something that has to be done right to be really good.

I have confused the coffee with the syrup and poured coffee on my pancakes and syrup in my coffee, or something like that.

That syrup is so bad for you, while real Vermont Maple Syrup is good for you and so delicious. When I was a kid and used to ski in Vermont my favorite apres ski activity was buying boxes of those maple syrup candies. Yum.

Of course as I got older they lost their allure and I prefered drinking nice hot Gluhwein. Really hits the spot after a day freezing to death at the slopes.
RW @ 9:20p -- rolling laughing! Yes, it was PraVda and you know YOU were the one who made me click on that Fark link.

I guess it is somewhat unusual for me, yes ME, to point out such a video. But as I wander further into the "tubes" I'm becoming enlightened in so many ways. . .

Also, RW -- I like the new "You're currently posting as Honu" in gold lettering here. Tres chic, mon bon ami :.-)

Tin Foil Hat N-GA and Iron Chef Paul are going to drop by any minute with all this food talk.

I just learned from Publix of all places that microwaving asparagus works great. I like it room temperature with a delicious vinaigrette made with olive oil, lemon, and a touch of vinegar.
I forgot that that asparagus recipe needs a dab of Dijon mustard and maybe a touch of fresh garlic too.

And Nevah Evah use garlic powder or onion powder on anything.
Gluhwein, sounds good. The winter version of the mint julep?

Vermont maple, good stuff!!

Oh, it is!

It smells delicious too. It's better than sake.
Err, JNJ.
Danish, no need to correct.

That Gluhwein sounds good to warm you up on a cold night.

You're right about that, fresh herbs and never powders make the difference.

I'm "mulling" over the idea of making some tomorrow.

As for the fresh garlic, I'd rather go without then have that fake powered onion or garlic stuff. It tastes horrible and I wouldn't eat it even if it was good for you. Blech!
Did you guys consult the goat for a wine selection?

Asparagus steamed upright until it just begins to soften and then quickly placed into a casserole dish, drizzled in butter and kept in a warm oven until serving sprinkled with hot salt is simple and delicious.

When did this become the Food Network? Come to think of it, where's that cute little Rachael Ray?
I want @@ to cook for me!!
RW -- after the salt, then Bam! them with fresh grated parmesan cheese. I'm telllin' ya -- asparagus are the best ever that way. If you're scared you'll ruin a whole bunch, try the cheese on just one. . .you'll thank me :-.)

I'll have to wipe that Emeril reference out of my mind before I can try the parmesan, but it sounds good. I'll have it next time I make Italian chicken covered in Vodka sauce.

Hot salt? Do you heat it in a pan, the oven or microwave?
Buy Danish,

Hot Salt!!!
RW (Chef),

What a sheltered culinary life I've led!

Does that have onion powder or garlic powder in it?
Buy Danish,

It's just salt with chili pepper cooked into it. It's not the same as some of those seasoning salts that have lots of other garbage in them and it's not a mixture of salt and chili pepper. There was a Food Network show once where they showed how it was processed and I think they had to sort of bake it to get the chili flavor to incorporate itself into the salt.
RW (Chef),

Buy Danish,

Do we need to consult goat boy and the iron chef for a wine choice?

I make home made french fries and sprinkle them with the hot salt, but it seems a lot hotter that way. Good though!

I bet they'd be good with ice cold vodka, so we don't need sommelier's advice.

What kind of oil do you use for your French fries? My mother used to make them quarter shaped and sliced thin in olive oil with a lot of salt.


Have you seen that Red Eye show? I saw it the other night when I had a bout of insomnia.
Buy Danish,

The purported topic is Russian fisherman eating aliens so I don't think it's really possible to get "OT."

I saw some of it the other night, but what I saw wasn't very good. In fact I can't even remember what they were talking about.

I use Peanut oil in a DeLonghi deep fryer. When you say quarter shaped, is that as in moon or George Washington?

Since the alien fish was served for dinner, it is on topic to talk about food!

Quarter as in round (and flat) versus julienned. I have no idea what the difference between "moon" and "Washington" is unless by moon you mean 3 dimensional potato ball.

I thought the show was fairly boring too, and I keep wanting to button another button on his shirt. Just a woman's observation, I guess, but it was distracting.

In addition to being boring, that Rachel Marsden has a lot of baggage, which is awkward to say the least.
Buy Danish,

Do you know if that stuff is true? It's with someone like her that you see Wiki at it's worst.

I meant George Washington as in the quarter coin and I'll never look at a french fry the same knowing it could have been a three dimensional potato ball.

Duh. I was thinking full moon, not "quarter" moon. I'm with you on the 3D potato ball, although I think that's gnocci in Italian.

Regarding Rachel Marsden, do the nutroots go so far as to fake court documents and URLs?

Probably not! So a 29 year old woman was after a 54 year old man, eh? No wonder O'Reilly put her to work.

Yep, and maybe she's good on the phone too.

Now for an entirely different topic, have you seen the latest from WaPo via Hot Air?

I assume you saw the Hotel spoof about the wonderful "Amenities".

@@ This is for you too^^^

Gotta make Beef Stew or "Boeuf Bourguignon" to the dueling chefs.
My dearest Buy Danish,

Will you be making that with a full bodied Pinot Noir? I'm not sure a Merlot would hold up....

I haven't looked at any of the normal sites today, I'll check your link and get caught up while you're cooking.
I'm late to the cook off, but wanted to leave this recipe for my JayNot. It's a canape for die for. Everytime I take them to parties, my phone rings off the hook the next day wanting the recipe.

You usually need to make more of the spread. I don't really measure. I tend to add more parmesan than it calls for. I wash the brine from the capers, and I don't use the garlic powder. I also use a good "seasoned" roast beef from the deli. Not a flat slice, but enough to make a little ruffled pile.

Mmmmmmmmmm. Bon Apetit JayNot.

That's funny RW, I use the hot salt on my asparagus as well, the only difference is I do a quick saute in olive oil leaving it with just enough crunch. Sometimes only salt and pepper.

You are wise to eliminate the garlic powder.

My dearest RW,

I used a Cabernet and the result was incroyable.

I did not follow the rest of the recipe as I'm a graduate of the "wing it" school of haute cuisine.

(As opposed to the "Wing Nut").

I'm off to watch King Rat, one of my all time favorite movies...

I'll check in laterish.
My Dearest Buy Danish,

The "cat" family in your link were nuts not to know that those wine choices should have been reversed and they also needed a palate cleanser in between.

The only thing wrong with garlic powder in a recipe is that people generally don't use enough. It takes about a quarter cup to equal a clove.

For @@'s recipe I would use some garlic juice in the spread, so I concur with your suggestion on the deliberate denial or deletion if you will on the powder.
The Cat family realized they had their wines in the wrong order, but alas it was too late.

What would you recommend as a palate cleanser? A nice sorbet?

One marvelous thing about that link - we can one-up the Dueling Chefs any day of the week with that cornucopia of food and wine blogs.
A small cube of French bread with a mild cheddar should do the trick. At least according to fine dining magazine. A Sorbet is more of a between meal course palate cleanser.
If I may make a recommendation to you two N-GA culinary geniuses.

STUFF IT or bourrez-le if you prefer the nouvelle french cuisine vernacular.

Are we back to talking about preparing the alien fish?
AA=@@, How the fark did I do that?
My Dearest RW,

Is @@ telling US to stuff it?

This website would indicate that sorbet can be used numerous times during one meal as a palate cleanser - between courses although I agree that bread is better when commencing with a new wine.
My Dearest Buy Danish,

On reflection it appears that the fair @@ IS telling us to stuff it.

Well I never....
My Dearest RW,

Well I never, indeed! The worst insult in the world is to be compared to N "beef tips" - GA.
My dearest Buy Danish,

I believe @@ has some 'splainin to do, now that you point out the depth of the insult she's heaped upon us. The horror of being told to "stuff it" pales in the face of being compared to "beef tips and Marlboros" himself.
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