Saturday, February 10, 2007

Still no Fitzmas for the moonbats.

When your star witness is this pathetic it's a pretty sure bet you have no case.

Not only do we have Andrea Mitchell basically telling CNBC that Libby had factual support for his claim about his conversation with Tim Russert, but we have strong indication from Mitchell’s words that Russert’s subsequent denials were untrue. The only thing that would serve to negate this would be the public efforts by Mitchell and Russert to discount what Mitchell said. This series of attempts to reinvent reality is strikingly similar to the conspiracy-theory nonsense about Libby and Cheney that has been coming out of NBC and MSNBC for months.

Russert’s apparent attempts to re-write the past continued throughout his testimony. When Wells questioned Russert about his "Christmas Eve" quote on a later Imus appearance, Russert claimed to "not recall" not only the quote, but the entirety of his appearance. So Russert does Libby one better, and forgets the call completely. This is pretty important stuff that hasn't been reported in any Big Media accounts that I have read. This shows the star prosecution witness capable of forgetting entire conversations, while maintaining his certainty about the content of the Libby conversation to such perfection that he is willing to send Libby to jail over it.


Damn, there's something wrong with that link, so I can't read the whole story.

It says "Access denied" if you click on it, and if I go through bloglines to Newsbusters the same thing happens.
Buy Danish,

Last night every Newsbusters link was telling me that until I signed into my Newsbusters account. I'm sure it's a just a glitch, but if it's still doing it you can get there from the main page. It's worth reading the whole thing since this guy has been in the courtroom and if you look at press accounts all we've been getting is whatever Fitzfong said and nothing from the defense.

No matter what I do I get an "Access denied" message. I get it through an RSS feed. No dice.

If I go straight to their website, the same thing happens.
Buy Danish,

I can't even get their website to load now.

If you get to the page that says "access denied" it should still have your sign in information over on the right side. When I was able to get to the page I logged in and the content came in fine.

The last time I got there it took me to a page that said I had full administrative rights on their site so I logged off. If others are getting to that page there is probably some funny business going on.

If I get back to the site anytime soon I'll link directly to the guy's blog that cross posted at Newsbusters.
Buy Danish,

Here's the story from the original web site.
Here's a story from Byron York on the trial.
Thanks, RW^^
Oh what a tangled web we weave inside that Pot to Kettle.

This paragraph from Byron York stuck out like a sore thumb:

But documents released at trial suggest the CIA was looking for someone to send to Niger before Cheney ever asked the question. It appears it all began with a report from the Defense Intelligence Agency raising the possibility that Niger had agreed to sell uranium to Iraq. The CIA, which was often at odds with DIA, wanted to knock down the report - and the trial documents indicate that Plame (Mrs. Wilson) volunteered her husband for the job the day before Cheney chimed in.
Buy Danish,

Isn't that something? The CIA was trying to manipulate the intelligence to fit their preconceived agenda, so to speak. No wonder they spent so much time saying the White House was doing that.
It sure is starting early this time around. A movie exposing Hilary.
Well this will get interesting.

Kurdish forces take part in new security plan

"Kurdish brigades are well-trained to fight inside cities and neighbourhoods, and they will contribute vigorously in cleansing Baghdad's suburbs of armed men and outlaws," he told Gulf News.

Three brigades=how many men? Semper keeps talking about companies, battalions, etc...etc...etc. I keep asking him to give me #'s.

He keeps giving me a repeat.
This is really sick, but oh-so predictable.

Islamism is Hip.
Islamism may be fashionable, but we should never use words promoting violence.

For some strange reason this part jumped out at me.

A few weeks ago a man was arrested in South Carolina after getting into an altercation with some shrubbery. Given that shrubs almost never punch first, I have to think the initial affront was all in the man's imagination.

Buona notte!
This story should have received a lot more press than it did – perhaps it will in the next day or two. I had some pretty vile remarks to make, but decided that doesn’t solve anything. One thing I am sure of – unless one has been raped, one has no business writing about it, let alone satirizing or mocking it. There’s not a hell hot enough for Petroski, the “cut-up.”

Sorry but I can't get the link to work. It's worth cutting and pasting into your browser, however, to find the story.

Thanks -- Honu

That was a shocker. Maybe we could lock the two fellas in the federal pen for a couple of weeks. We could have them read that story to the prison population before assigning them a cell.

It would be like a hands on experiment for them. Experience rape first hand, then write another column on how it feels.

There is a leftist female poster at ml's who would probably share their views. Very knowledgeable on the romans, and made a comment once about rape as a positive experience.

Made my jaw drop when I read it.

There is a leftist female poster at ml's who would probably share their views. Very knowledgeable on the romans, and made a comment once about rape as a positive experience.

Who? When?
Buy Danish:

Candide, before your time I think. Andy called her on it. I don't remember all the details.

I just stood up to walk away from the computer, and then it came to me.

Candide said that rape should be legalized.

RW may remember more details.
@@ & Buy Danish,

I've been trying to get more background and an actual copy of the article. So far I think it really was written as a satire. If the copy I've seen is accurate it's poorly written and the topic is an idiotic thing to be satirizing, but it seems fairly obvious that it is.

When I get a real copy of the actual article I'll turn this into a post. I'm afraid the Hartford Courant story takes the party line of some overly offended students and blows up that angle. I read a couple of other stories by the professor and he doesn't seem like the kind of raving lunatic that would write this story in a serious fashion. Then again, the other things I read would lead me to believe he wouldn't be stupid enough to make light of rape.

Candide is a male (believe it or not). It doesn't surprise me that he thinks rape should be legal.


I didn't really get that shrub story - I assumed it was satire but didn't think it was all that funny. It didn't occur to me that it might be true.

Speaking of satire, this link from LD at MLs earlier is very funny. -
In case you missed it.
Buy Danish:

Semper has a cousin who is as looney left as they come. When there's a reunion, she nitpicks your every word and points out why "that word" was a bad choice.

Everybody engages her, basically making fun. She loves the attention and the opportunity.

Me? I just lose patience. I asked her once if she realized what she was saying and how stupid it sounded.

I think it's her need for attention that I can't tolerate.

She one of the conspiracy theorists.

That need for attention and affirmation seems to be pretty common among the leftists. They must have their "YOU RAWKs" and their dancing frogs/

Buy Danish,

Obama does have to overcome rushncap and all of his alleged friends slobbering on him, but that writer probably didn't know that part.
@@, if your birthday is tomorrow, Happy Birthday! And thanks for the home cooking on the other thread. Sounds good, I'll try it sometime.

Did anyone see that r'cap on the "Goldie" site?
Speaking of Obama, these people are convinced he can't win...because he's black.

I don't think that's the reason.


What Goldie site??


Happy Birthday!

You mean Goldies Grille? Know all about that! I was thinking of MLs Goldie.
Audio of Hannity with the Imam that the Democrats had give the prayer for their Winter meeting.

It's nearly ten minutes, but the last couple are well worth a listen.

You mean r'cap the poker chump?
RW 9:46:44, DING DING DING!!


Trust me, Buy Danish had it right at 09:38:32 PM too.
I saw that Danish/RW ; )

Merry Fitzmas!!!

We wish you a merry Fitzmas,

We wish you a merry No mas,

WE WISH YOU A MERRY FITZMAS, and a happy new year.

midori want some figgy pooding???

That angry Imam needs more exposure.

"You are playing with fire".

Oops! One of my posts didn't make it in.


How did you know it was my birthday today Mr. Mysterious?

Sending you a big cyber hug.

Thanks guys!

How DID Jay$ know that?
Good afternoon, @@. I just saw your question over at JWs and am offering this comparison. There is a HUGE difference between Christian and Mormon, and to me, the Latter Day Saints are no different.

Christian vs. Mormon

The first comparison, one God vs. many gods is enough to make one not read any further. But you are right, it deserves debate, as most folks are not familiar with the differences. Just thought I'd put it out there! :-.)
RW: Thanks for the b-day wishes, and I have no idea how JayNot knew. Maybe he'll share or he might prefer to remain Mister Mysterious.

Honu: I really didn't know that much about mormonism. I do know there has been a progression in thinking.

Somewhere in there the differences are listed. I've never wanted a denomination to restrict my freedom to think beyond biblical text. That's why I attend a Methodist church. We're a regular free-for-all but can't seem to draw large numbers here in the U.S.. Overseas we do great.
Cute! Not hysterically funny, but a pretty realistic difference between the present first "lady" and the former first !?lady?!.

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton somehow ended up at the same barbershop. As they sat there,
each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken.

The barbers were both afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics.

As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Clinton in his chair reached for the after shave. Clinton was quick to
stop him saying, "No thanks, my wife Hillary will smell that and think I've been in a whorehouse."

The second barber turned to Bush and said, "How about you?"

Bush replied, "Go ahead. My wife Laura doesn't know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like."

Good joke! I'll get my religious lesson tomorrow when I have time.
Oh lawdy Buy Danish. Don't be getting your religious lessons from me. I research various religions like I research anything else.

I go to church to learn, not preach.

In other words. I don't know squat.
Hey @@!

Hope you had a good B'day. I thought it was probably your b'day because I remember (I guess I have a good memory) you once made referenece to being a Valentine's baby:)

sorry 'bout the double post.

and I can't trashcan it either!

RW, can you help?
Trash collector at your service Jay not jay!
Thank you RW, you da man.

@@ joke- I guess Hillary is used to Billy's Old Spice huh?

It's not Fitzmas for the Global Warming alarmists either.

In case you missed this.


You have a fine memory. Are you a card player? I'd love to see you battle it out with r'cap.

One more envirowacko story before I hit the hay.

How the enviros turn 150 miles into 33,000.

Scroll down to "Frequent Flower Miles" to see how the magic math works.
Hmmmm. That link does not appear to work.

Opinion Journal reveals the magic math
Flower miles. No wonder the socialists are such slackers.


Yes, I like cards. I'd like to take rushncap's money too. he hee heee

oh how neo-con...

I remember that conversation. A marriage proposal online for Semper. An attempt to get my footsies warmed.

The b-day was good. I spent most of the afternoon baking oatmeal cookies for Semper. Since our anniversary is the 13th, poor Semper often becomes confused over what we're celebrating, and who gets what. Not a problem for me. I'm an easy keeper.

The joke? More like the smell of "Brut".

Thanks for finding rushncap's admission of guilt.

It always takes me for-e-v-e-r.

You're a regular Doc Holiday. Quick on the draw.

Doc: "I said poker's an honest trade. Only suckers buck the tiger. The odds are all with the house."

You da house RW.
Dang @@,

I may have to dust off Tombstone sometime this weekend now. Val Kilmer was the best Doc Holliday.

Doc Holliday: And you must be Ringo. Look, darling, Johnny Ringo. The deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate him?

Doc was great. I loved it when he flipped that whisky cup around his finger like a 6 shooter and showed that guy up. Classic.
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