Sunday, February 25, 2007

When FOBs attack

There isn't much new in here about the little dust-up between Hillary's camp and Obambi's, but Honu likes PMSNBC and there are a couple of interesting items.

For instance:

The reaction to Geffen's remarks from the Clinton campaign was immediate and outraged. The night before Dowd's column appeared, Geffen had co-hosted a fund-raiser for Sen. Barack Obama, a Clinton rival for the Democratic nomination. At 9:46 a.m., the Clinton campaign issued a statement calling on Obama to cut his ties to Geffen and give back the $1.3 million raised by Geffen's star-studded party. (Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman and Ben Stiller were all there. George Clooney, off shooting a movie, contributed the maximum when Obama first announced and tells NEWSWEEK that Obama is "as good as Bobby [Kennedy] late in his career and Jack from early on.") The press release described Geffen as Obama's "finance chair" and accused him of "viciously and personally attacking Senator Clinton and her husband."

Oh the delicious irony of sending out a press release complaining about being called a liar and lying about David Geffen's position in that very release.

One bit that begs for a newsmanperson. Did Obama promise to pardon Leonard Peltier in exchange for his Hollywood support?

Democratic activist Arianna Huffington, who attended the Obama event but says she is uncommitted, tells NEWSWEEK, "I think [Geffen's remarks] definitely benefited Obama because it brings into the open conversations many people have been having about the Clintons." Clinton's allies suggested that Geffen was motivated by bile. Once a close F.O.B. (Friend of Bill), he had stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom (twice). But when he asked for a presidential pardon for imprisoned American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, Clinton turned him down.

Of course no article about the Clinton's would be complete without the VRWC lurking around every corner.

Geffen may be right about the GOP dirt diggers. Republican conservative activist Grover Norquist, who loathes the Clintons, coyly tells NEWSWEEK, "Hillary is my first choice to be the Democrat nominee." A New York Times story last week suggested that the so-called vast right-wing conspiracy has gone soft. The article quoted Chris Ruddy, a mouthpiece for the conservative conspiracy theorist Richard Mellon Scaife, as saying that the Clinton administration "wasn't so bad." But the right-wingers may just be lying low. David Bossie, the former congressional investigator familiar to journalists for helping them track down Clinton sex scandals, is working with Clinton strategist turned apostate Dick Morris on an anti-Hillary documentary. R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., the editor of The American Spectator, which first printed salacious details from Arkansas state troopers about Clinton's sex life, is publishing a book titled "The Clinton Crack-up: The Boy President's Life After the White House."

So this time the vast right wing conspiracy is attacking the Clintons by not attacking the Clintons.


I read the MSNBC article too. Another article, may have been the same, it made mention that Hillary is going to wear Barack down, and that he's already beginning to show signs of strain. Even noticed by his handlers.

I'm still reeling from his response to John Howard. He's lashing out instead of thinking through. Have you ever met anybody, ANYBODY who didn't love the Aussies?

The question of the pardon is one that needs to be asked beforehand, that possibility needs to be nipped right now.

And yes, the Republicans should sit back. The dems will devour their own. One of the things that steered me off the "D" track, was their negative campaigning.

Bill Richardson stands to benefit, and I kinda like the guy.

To top it all off, the left-wing bloggers are doing considerable harm to the party. They're forcing the recently elected blue-dogs farther left, eliminating the moderate vote.

They're so full of themselves after November, they're high on hysteria.

My spelling downstairs? I got that over at mgc's. It was accompanied by a picture of Kerry & Kennedy.
Oh, and one more thing Mister.

Holly's Wood needs to stay in their world of make believe and out of politics.

Actually Holly's Wood is pretty sharp if you mean James Wood. The spelling downstairs makes a lot more sense with those two pictures.

Obambi also quit smoking at the start of his campaign and his people were blaming some of his lashing out problem on that.

If campaigns are going to go on at this pace for two years how can we expect anybody to be in condition to be President after that?
The intelligent "woulds":

James Woods - Gary Sinise - Kurt Russell - Ron Silver - Andy Garcia? - Kelsey Grammar - Dennis Hopper - Angie Harmon - Bo Derek - James Garner? - Clint Eastwood - Bruce Willis.

Lots more, just can't recall. They're more quietly from behind the scenes, but far more effective when they speak.

I'm surprised you left Dennis Miller off that list.

Remember earlier in the week when some of the moonbats were whining about Fox News cutting away from the Democrat debate back in 2003 over at ml's? Would you be surprised to know they were lying?

I sorta like Bill Richardson too (as much as I can bear any Democrats) - at least he is a tax cut hawk - but I heard him say that Obama should apologize to Hillary.


Re Christopher Ruddy, I also saw a very anti-Guiliani piece of his at News Max so I can't figure out where he is coming from.
Buy Danish,

I think Bill Richardson is auditioning to be Hillary's VP.

Ah so!

Patricia Keaton (sp?) from Everybody Hearts Raymond is another RW actor, as is Danny Bonaduce.
Maybe it's "Heaton" not Keaton?

It is possible to remember something better later than sooner, despite claims to the contrary at the Libby trial.
news flash! It appears that the AJC's servers are up and running.

Ha Ha Ha. So much ad revenue lost, so little time to recoup it.

How long do you think that will last?
Hmmmm. . .when one's name makes the main page, it can't be good.

Yes, I admit I read PMSNBC each day, along with I don't however, view either of them on television.

Okay, okay, maybe I did watch a "little" of Fox & MSNBC last week.

@@ -- the JohnD guy over at JW's? That's not your husband because I'm pretty sure it's my nephew, Rory :-.)

About the left's lies. Have you ever observed a bunch of women in a "spinning class"?

Demons on wheels.

It really is comical. I've gotten so tickled looking at everyone, I couldn't peddle for laughing.

I'm not too good at exercising in groups. My imagination runs away with me.

Poor Semper, he can't do the blogging thing with leftists on board. He tried it for awhile, but got so frustrated with their stupidity that all he wanted to do was use the "F" word. He'd probably put Midori's foul-mouth to shame.

He wonders how I'm able to do it without blowing my cool.

I told him I spend too much time laughing at their comments. It's hard to get angry when you're laughing.
@@ -- before I met all of you, I was reading at MLs, and Semper Fi always stood out to me because Rory's a Marine. At the time I had no idea that was your husband. I think he held his own, much like y'all do.

What's tiring is the name-jacker @ JW's who is obsessed with gays and their sexual acts. That was a nice discussion you and JohnD had going on, despite him and his vile nonsense. I know they can be stopped, because Rodney Ho stopped them at the AI blog last year. Jim & Rodney need to talk.
P.S. @@ -- not even a Marine uses the language that Midori uses. . .and so creatively, too!

Where does one go to find all these spinning women?

Where does one go to find all these spinning women?

OV's extreme gym?

They have indoor classes. They're not going anywhere, they're just peddling like hell.

I think OV's gym is a no girlz club.

So are you telling me the babes aren't spinning, just the wheels that aren't taking them anywhere?

I wasn't planning on watching the Oscars, but I guess it's a must see tonight. On second thought, You Tube will carry it, right?

I hope he takes some diuretics before he makes his grand entrance. His face looks like he's about to explode.

Do you really think a narcissist like Al would give up all that adulation to put himself in the Middle of the War on Terror.

I've gotta tell you, his possibility of running has caused me concerns, but after reading the WaPo story, I'm thinking maybe not.

Queen Latifah? I like her. I wonder how she really felt standing next to "Great Marbled Mountain"?

The Oscars are tonight? Let me know how Al's debut goes. I might try to catch a little of Ellen DeGeneres.

I've always liked her too.

Semper calls her Ellen Degenerate.

Harrrr Harrrr Harrrr.
Buy Danish,

I'm sure Hot Air will have anything political that pops up. According to the rules of "The Academy" the movie isn't supposed to be allowed to be nominated and there's another rule that says only the producers can appear on stage and speak.

So we have a movie that isn't eligible likely winning the award with the Oscar being presented to someone that isn't eligible to get one.


I'll try to watch the beginning just to see Ellen. She's really one of the very best comediennes around.

Well they ignored the rules for Michael Moore too.

Al Gore's eyes look like little piggy slits right now. I hope he ends up on stage in prime time.
Hillary and Obama don't have to worry, Al is going to bring peace to Holly'sWood.

Thank you Al Gore

Al Gore is the most qualified person in America to bring peace between the Hollywood moguls attending the fundraisers of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Al Gore is the most qualified person in America to bring peace to the Middle East.

Errrppp. I just chummed on my Wang original.

Do these people ever remind themselves that Al Gore spent 8 freaking years as Vice President? /rhetorical

Buy Danish,

Did he arrive in carbon neutral automobile? I think I'm going to go into business selling these phony carbon credits that make the moonbats feel good.

I had an unintentional malaprop earlier (or is it a spoonerism) - I called them the "Anatomy Awards".

How can gasbags like Al Gore be carbon neutral? But it does sound like a great business idea. If you can figure out a way to mix sex in with it (Free massage with every dozen carbon units?) you'll be a rich man. Heck, maybe you could hire rushncap as a consultant./sarc.

Moving right along -

puke. I'm watching some of the pre-game action and Nicole Kidman had her lips plumped and is holding hands with what appears to be her "date" who is another Aussie chick.

More comments to follow if I stay awake...

Sorry - I meant to ask - who tf if Brent Budowsky and why should we care?
Brent Budowsky served as Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen, responsible for commerce and intelligence matters, including one of the core drafters of the CIA Identities Law. Served as Legislative Director to Congressman Bill Alexander, then Chief Deputy Whip, House of Representatives. Currently a member of the International Advisory Council of the Intelligence Summit. Left goverment in 1990 for marketing and public affairs business including major corporate entertainment and talent management. He can be reached at

I don't think the people that buy carbon credits actually have sex with other people, but thanks for tip BD!

rushncap thinks that his porn sessions are part of his sex life, so "having sex with other people" could be up to interpretation to carbon conscious people.
Buy Danish,

It supposedly ups their productivity which presumably causes them to need to buy more carbon credits so I would be accused of using crack dealer tactics.

If you saw that there was a year when the five nominees for Best Supporting Actor were Joel Grey, Eddie Albert, James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Al Pacino would you be surprised that the winner was Joel Grey?

He just rode on Liza Minelli's coat tails.
Buy Danish,

I think it looks more surprising than it is because it was early in the others careers and all but Eddie Albert came from the same movie, but it jumps out as just wrong.
Oscar prayer from the Ace of Spades.

Cabaret wasn't that long ago was it? :(

Ugh. Gore looks like the Manchurian Candidate with those little slit eyes.

And what was that "PRAY" CRAP during the Etheridge propaganda song? OV and rushncap will not like that one bit.

I want to "pray" for a group that will stop the ice caps from melting on Mars.

And isn't all this National Resources Defense Fund politicking in violation of campaign finance rules somewhere?

Buy Danish,

It had to have been a little while back since I was still in High School.

What did Leo and the Gorebot do except a lame comedy routine?

RW/Danish & Honu:

I had every intention of, at least, catching a little bit of Ellen on the Oscars.

I agree RW. Ellen is one of the best, and it seems to come so naturally to her. Unscripted so to speak.

Anyway, since I'm apparently afflicted by A.D.D., I was distracted from the Oscars by "this shiny object".

PBS Documentary ‘The Marines’ Captures Corps’ Values


The Marine Corp has two simple objectives - To create marines and to "WIN BATTLES".

Try to catch it if it aires again.

Or catch Gore. I've heard tell he's "good for something". I liked where the WaPo piece described him as "failed presidential contender" and chose to omit the fact that he was...

A BIG BAWLING BABY after the fact.
I'm still catching up at ml's.

I look like a racoon with my eye makeup running.

Did DebbieDoRight actually say that Bin Laden was looking for a "peaceful solution" with us back in '97 or is my vision too blurred.

Oh please lawd, say it ain't so.
OMG -- I just caught the Barry Manilow song in the post!

"Oh B'ambi, well you came, and you gave without takin'. . .

But I sent you away, O'bambi. . ."

/triple nyuk
Hi @@ -- way to smack-down Rushncap today. And I was right there with you cryin' laughing when I read getalife's post. . .but then I read our friend's response and thought oh! he's right. (Andy, if you're reading here, hi and I've missed talking to you :-.)

When Rory was in the Marines, and before he shipped out, he came back from basic telling us his new name was butt-crack. His stories were intense about his training. But it made him into the wonderful young man he is today. I saw the PBS special advertised but I didn't tune in -- sometimes I just have to not think about the military and what it means if Rory gets that second call. So I opted for Ellen (I love her!) and that damned awards show. Like I'm sitting here watching a show with people getting awards for something I know nothing about.

I'm confused . . . did Al win the Oscar or did the producer of the film win it? I must have looked away.

Yes she really, really did. I guess she doesn't think Billy Jeff was a good negotiator or maybe she thinks he was right on the verge of peace and the Chimporer came in and messed it up. I guess that story won't square well with Clinton's little hissy fit with Chris Wallace.

Al DID NOT win the Oscar, but I would be willing to bet that he is forever listed as Academy Award winner Gorebot. (Maybe not the Gorebot part :-)
Honu: I can find humor even in religion. I've known Andy to appreciate Getalife's humor while gently reprimanding him at the same time.

PBS is always showing repeats. It really is worth watching. Team effort is everything, and it starts from the moment they get off the bus in the middle of the night. They have to put their feet on little yellow footprints that musters them into formation. It's all for one and one for all from that point forward.

RW: I really must have been exhausted today. It was one laughing jag after another.

And rushncaps "retarded kid" was offensive, but I learned a long time ago that it is a reflection on the person who uses that term, not the kids I work with.

But thanks for addressing it. He deserved the label POS.

Just a little something extra.

I am a big kite flying fan, but I won't ever be able to look at it the same way.

Those nutjobs are dying to win at all costs.

Goodnight guys. Jack's calling.

Sometimes you just have to say something when you know that none of the involved parties matter. He won't think any less of himself, I didn't just decide he's a piece of shit, and you aren't about to be swayed in your efforts to improve the life of your kids.

At the very least I said what I felt and at the very best some lurker read it and realized that the "oh so caring" left is the hellhole that dreams fall in to die.

Dammit, ml's is down for maintenance, and rushncap's sitting over their claiming I want him to blow himself up. Really...I don't think he needs my help he does it every time he opens his mouth.

He is one persecuted little puppy.


By golly, strange how that rhymes with "penile-wood" isn't it?


I must have killed the scribbler's blog. Last time I checked both threads ended with me showing Thomas how he was once again wrong.
Well of course you did RW. You're a vicious right-wing neo-con. Spreading fear and hatred throughout the world.

Why would you leave ml's untouched by your demonic obsession with death? /sarc

Sshhhhh this is a secret but I've actually filled a text document with my own manufactured liberal ranting, just to experience what it must feel like inside their heads.

I found the process very difficult and exhausting.

I've tried that, but I always get too confused by the absolute lack of logic and when you have to fully support two completely contradictory things.

I know they like to call it nuance, but I'm afraid it's just lunacy.
Damn RW, I veered off of ml's and into the tubes. Came back and rushncap either can't read or can't spell.

It was "penile-wood" not "p-hood".

He's trying to reverse tactics and use the rights'. He'll never be able to pull it off <---- bad choice I know, sorry. He'll crash and burn as always.

I know I'm lengthy RW, but I don't carry on extended conversations so I get it all said at once.

This is interesting, hmmmmmm sound like anybody we know?

Malaysia’s prime minister Mahathir Mohamad says it’s true Muslims feel humiliated, however he says Muslims seem to like feeling humiliated even though the way they choose to respond keeps biting them in their collective ass.

Even though millions of Muslims are acting like thugs and spoiled children, genetically Muslims are no different (at least not much different) than the rest of us. It’s natural for everyone to get embarrassed by our shortcomings. It’s natural to blame other people for our problems.

What makes the rest of us different from them is for the most part, the rest of us live in societies that encourage us to overcome our problems and move on. Islamic society is different. Muslims are taught to blame others.

It’s a different approach. It’s the approach most of us use when we’re children, but we grow out of it. However, Muslim leaders treat their people as children, and their people are glad to go along.

Blaming others is empowering. And no one can deny that this approach has worked well for the Muslim religion.

rushncap is a muslim, whodathunkit.
He just asked me to ask you if you know anything about dancing and finishing up work. I'm almost laughing too hard to type this!!

It's @@ and rushncap, the two amigos now. HAHA!
Ningún camino en infierno mi amigo. El asno de aquel burro es el camino demasiado torpe y socialmente torpe para mí para bailar con él más.

Veo "el baile de pollo" de donde me siento.

Stop laughing RW.

You've got me doing it now.
Gosh, rushie would never ask ME a question like that.

He's all yours @@!

btw, dmitri denies it, but square dancing is his thang.
Buy Danish,

Square dancing and "finishing up work" and we all know what he does at work.


That was very nice of you to play the Mrs. Robinson to Dmitry's Benjamin Braddock.

It is amazing that Mirror Boy can come up with all these hilarious faux pas and yet he still thinks he's the smartest person in the room.

Where'd my trashcan go?

Me without a trashcan is unthinkable.

I can see your trash can. When in doubt F5!

I see it now. It came up after I posted my question.

Things are different in the back.

No, I don't have a google account.

Do I need a google account?

I left 'em hangin' back there.

I think the google account is the same as your blogger account. I didn't see anything different in the back. hmmm......Are you trying to train me now?

It is different back there. The trash chute is different.

You've lost your way. You must be in a different room.

I'll go back there and ramble around with a flashlight.

If your site crashes, call 911. I'm Type A-.
Move RW....I'm trying to position my trashcan.

Cyberspace has a cozy feel to it. All alone in a back room, checking out the new digs.

And voila.......
Nope! Didn't work.


I feel like a magician who doesn't know where the disappearing trashcan went.

O.K., my A.D.D. has kicked in. Where is Dusty when you need her?

I'll try again tomorrow.

And voila............
Can you guys see me?
I hear somebody in here, but I don't see anything.

Who are you and what have you done with @@?
Wow, I did it.

Methinks rushncap may be a perfect Edwards voter.

Second life.
Well crap, I started catching up at ml's and the site went down.

Webmaster or weather?

I may as well go and cook now.

Buy Danish:

Ding Ding Ding on connecting the dots at ml's.

I've been telling the same thing to Semper AND RW.

I asked Midori not too long ago how she was able to view T.V. at work, and come in with all of her newsflashes.

She didn't respond.

I think they are a few with many IDs in one office.

Midori might also be a clean up girl at the Varsity since they have a room dedicated to each of the major news stations and have wireless access. She just has to clean the C-SPAN room all the time, while Goldie is mopping up the MSNBC room.

Would you please get out of my dream. (Insert smile)

And after you do, would you do me a favor, pretty please?
So I somehow entered your dream on post # 69. I wonder what that means...

Of course I will do you a favor if I can.
Oops! I just left you a message at the bar.

O.K. Thanks.

I'll send it to your e-mail.
Just saw your #69 reference.

I guess we been a'spoonin?

That could be it! Clean up girl or wayperson. By Friday's she's had it. That's why she always flips out.


It was annoying CAPS MAN who caught Dr. Doom as Mrs. Godzilla. That is even weirder than finch, and that is saying a lot.

Since all the weirdos are out today having a reunion of sorts, I wonder what ever happened to Digogenes?


I see that rushncap is now claiming that he never lies. He must believe his lies then. That may make him a sociopath.
Midori le pew- what a skunk!

finch is a little beaver.

--from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kindom.
Stratfor is saying that there is going to be a major push by Iraqi & U.S. forces into Sadr City.

A door to door search. Seems as though Sadr & Maliki worked this out some time back. Sadr knows he's defeated politically unless his Mehdi Army can be stopped.

Should be interesting.

Negotiations between U.S. & Iran is next. I think Ahmadenijad appears to have been weakened both internally and internationally. It's so dang difficult to keep up with all the different factions. The good guys, the bad guys, the sneaky guys, the tired guys.

It's for certain, things are moving ahead.

There's stuff going on in Afghanistan too. By passing the head honchos in the Taliban and negotiations with the mid levels.
And JayNot is still cute and wiggly.

Goodnight JayNot.
Nite @@,

the incredible, the indelible...
It looks as though I've stumbled across yet another right wing circle jerk. You idiots are disgusting. RW seems to me to be just another SUV driving, mother suckling, brainless piece of shit. He and his ball licking worshipers here need a good lobotomy to rid themselves of the part of their brain that excuses any and all crimes committed by W and his cohorts.
Sure looks like "the Farmer" is really on the ball ^^^ there.

Would you like to tell us which "ANIMAL" you prefer FARMER?

Sorry RW, but people like ^^^ that are just disgusting losers.

I'm sending a question to your e-mail.

Shortly after the "farmer" posted that obscene message I got another email from "Sara Finch" claiming that "she" wouldn't post here if "she" had to sign in. Sounds like "Sara," the farmer, is trying to cover "her" ample backside.
This is what came from "Sara Finch" which almost got missed because the idiot put this on the subject line:

Is there such a thing as too much Xanax and Ritalin?

That kicked it to the junk mail folder, but fortunately the "Sara Finch" caught my eye. Here's the latest from "Sara" and this email came from the same email address as the one "she" now claims was a forgery. I'm not sure there is enough Xanax for this sicko. Without further ado I bring you finchie:

Dear Mr Raving Wanker,

So glad to see my single post at ml's today get SO MUCH attention.
Contrary to Danish's assumptions, I'm nowhere near a mental hospital. Unless the Governor's mansion counts as a mental institution.

It amazes me to no end that you can defend Bush, Cheney, Rummy and co. to no end for perpetrating the worst foreign relations disaster since the Spanish American war. And I'm being kind here.

And your post of a letter, supposedly from me last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) sent me into hysterics! I don't know who that was, and their grammar and punctuation were awful, which as you know, isn't quite my style. To tell you the truth, I felt PROUD to have you post
that forgery. Shows just what a dunce you are. And while we're on
the subject (sort of) .....nah, I prefer not posting on your silly
blog until you loosen up your silly registration rules. Lord, even
ml and wooten allow anonymous posts, but you're such an anal control freak you've just got to know everything about those who dare even consider entering the holy blogdom of Rick the Reactionary. And if
you dont like what he or says, BOOM Banishment. It must feel so
good be such a tempermental potentate in such a teeny tiny kingdom.
Poor Washington State. Didn't follow Humptyu Dumpty's rules.
Well, THAT 'doesn't bother me. l never really have had the desire to frequent a blog that's so single minded in it's hatred, and even if I did, contribute, the fact that the unenlightened, boorish, war loving (as long as you or your family don't have to sacrifice your daughters, flour, sons, gasoline or ground beef for a worthless war started by an incomptent president who should be a greeter at Wal-
Mart) would soon use their lies and deceptions to make me as wanted as a turd in your Beef Wellingto

Makes me glad there's only a handful of you misguided wingnuts still hanging around ml's. First, the rest of us, and the majority of Americans now know that the Iraq War was sold by the Bush cronies with the encouragement of the bloodthirsy slugs of co-conspirators of Reaganites and their successors under the first Bush. And we now know (except for you 30% morans) that the present Bush and his cronies are certifiably crazy and couldn't find their own asses with a fork and a mirror. Still no candy flowers, bubby. Unless they're loaded with thermite. We now realize that your disgusting minority must be put in it's place. No, not Guantanamo. In the hospital wards of Baghdad and Basra where you can spending time looking for
candy and other blings. Meanwhile, the sane majority will pesevere.
And aint that nice......

Of course, we our work to do. Decades of mideast diplomacy down the
drain! Thanks George.

For the record, anyone that registers is NOT registering with this site, they are registering for a posting ID across the entire spectrum of google/blogspot/blogger weblogs.

I have no access to any registration information and I also lack the ability to block anyone from posting as this site is not hosted by me. This lie about WashingtonState being banned is exactly that, a lie.

Site meter data is the same when you come to this site whether you're registered or not and whether you comment or not.
Well RW, "finches" and "parrots" are prone to "mites".

Conservatives are "mighty" on the other hand, so "smackdowns" R US.

So the cage door is open "farmer" and you pigeons are loose.

Which one of the asylum residents do you think goes by the name Governor?

I think "Sara the farm animal loving" poster should read her own e-mail before claiming to have superior grammatical and punctuation skills to those of the letter you posted at ml's.

Grammatical, and punctuation skills are sorely lacking in that e-mail, along with numerous misspellings.

Too funny!

Who the hell knows?

They're all delusional.

Suffering from delusions of "grandeur" that is. I can't wait for '08, with contributions like ^^^ those from the asylum, there's bound to be a "smackdown" of Democratic pigeons.

Hysterical "flights of fancy".

Here's that last one from 1/28/07:

Golly gee, Mr. Rectal Wart, it sure was adult of you to block me from your discussion/comment session.

"Adult" as in tremendously immature.

No big deal. I can always mock your stupidity at ml's place. You and I know the rules there, so I won't out you as the cross- dressing pederast with the world class foreskin piercing that your friend Andy knows all about.

Toodles, big boy. Don't t forget to wear rubbers, especially if you're whipping it up with Dick, Rummy and all your other Oval Office boys!

That one was titled rampant immaturity

This is the from address in both: SARA FINCH []
Excuse me RW, if I may respond to "The Guvnah".

"Farmer Jonesing":

On the topic of Washington State, I was here for that incident and it did not involve a banning by RW.

Most of WS's time here was spent on a dead thread where he and I were
discussing a program at my church, along with a couple of other topics.

WS compared my debating skills to those of Thomas Acquinas, and commended me for them.

RW commented on that dead thread that he was enjoying the discussion.

He was invited to participate here by RW, and occasionally still appears at ml's addressing RW as (the Sophist).

My personal opinion is that the debating skills of Thomas Acquinas and Socrates are very similar. Yet WS commended my skills and used "the Sophist" tag to disparage RW's.

That ^^^ I found to be a conflict in terms. Especially when his (WS's)
debating techniques were those of a "Sophist". In other words, he was projecting himself onto RW.

RW is a "straight shooter". I would concur that it was WS that found his
back against the wall when debating RW.

RW asked him to be more straightforward with his arguments. He couldn't be. Since he couldn't be, RW suggested he may want to go somewhere else, and WS's response was "So be it".

There was no banning by RW that took place here. WS, in my opinion, acknowledged that he was at a loss when it came to changing his technique.
I just checked the envelope information on the latest Sara Finch letter. Here's the timestamp from the email:

Sat 2/24/2007 3:28 AM
I think therapists in the U.K. may have found the perfect therapy for MLs libs.

In a move that takes the notion of "nanny state" to new heights, a public school in the UK has adopted a controversial approach to dealing with problem children in the classroom that includes nursing students between ages six and 11 with baby bottles.

Disruptive youngsters are spared scoldings or time-outs and, instead, given sessions with a therapist whose role it is to give them "the love and attention they may have missed out on at a younger age," according to a report in the London Evening Standard.

Called Theraplay, the three-year program developed in the U.S. in the 1960s, focuses on helping children develop a strong and loving bond with a mother figure. Rockingham Primary School in Northamptonshire has now adopted the program to help its troubled students feel loved and secure once more....

They just need to remove the age limit.

Sybil Bon finchie, I suggest you go to the head of the line.
Buy Danish:

Please say it ain't so. That is exactly what WE DISCOURAGE with special needs kids.

The plot thickens. Is there anybody here that believes Putin would try to pull something like this off in the U.S.?

US expert on Russian intelligence shot in Washington

There's also the school of thought that says that some group is trying to pin the whole poisoning deal on Putin. This would be the perfect opportunity for that group to get someone like this to say that on TV and then shoot him to make it doubly look like Putin.

If that's the case we'll either find that group scrambling since he isn't dead or we'll find that he was miraculously shot in places that wouldn't be life threatening and a quick flurry of fingers pointing at Putin.
RW: That's exactly what I was thinking.

Speaking of "spoiled children", here's more on the Denmark riots.

"The spoiled kids in the Youth House woke up to reality in Danish society where you have a job and pay rent," Anders Fredrik Mihle of the governing Liberal Party's youth wing said, referring to the building where the squatters had been evicted.

The eviction had been planned since last year, when courts ordered the squatters to hand the building over to a Christian congregation that bought it six years ago. The squatters said the city had no right to sell the building, and they demanded another building for free as a replacement.

Socialism just can't find a big enough pacifier for those babies can it?
I'm tubing on the Cyber River tonight.

Phone a Friend, Support Abortion

Would today's teenager care or have any idea what they're getting into if they bought the latest "trendy new cellphone" package?
Here's that one post that "Sara Finch" aka bon scott aka Sybil said everybody went nuts over.

S/he addressed the post to Andy, Buy Danish, and myself and got one response each from Andy, Buy Danish, and myself. All much more civil the the one s/he posted.
the the aka than the

Regarding Theraplay, I figure the ML Special Ed kids are so far gone that bringing them back to the very beginning and starting over is their only hope.

Start over and then introduce them to reality. Wean them from liberalism as they get weaned from the bottle.


Do you think that Special Ed kid Sybil bon finchie sent you his special message at 3:28 a.m. Georgia time or was he still being treated in California then?
Buy Danish,

That's the timestamp on the email routing so it would have been 3:28 AM anywhere s/he was*. If it was California it would have been 6:38 our time, but the post s/he thinks got the whole world rallying around "her" was the one that said s/he was moving to Atlanta.

*with a few very rare exceptions.

As I recall, S/he hinted that she was moving to Atlanta when s/he bombed your blog on New Years Day - "closer than you fear". Weird.

S/he is obsessed with Iraq. We could be talking about blue cheese on the moon and she'd come back with an Iraq rant.

His/Her world is crashing down and she needs something to blame it on.

@@ (spy master)

Here's more on Paul Joyal.

Interview with Margaret Warner on PBS 2002.


MSNBC story about Liventko.
Buy Danish,

I was thinking that the real Sara Finch would be embarrassed at her husband's illiteracy until I read some of her writings.

My bellsouth email is down. Is yours?
Buy Danish,

I just tested mine and it seems fine. The AT&T conversion is random though.

Did you see this??

I bet Cheney went to Pakistan to tell Mushareff that we were about to launch this operation.

I would so love for them to capture Bin Laden alive so they could "interrogate" him.

Mine keeps telling me the connection to the server was interrupted.

Bellsouth webmail it doesn't work either.
Buy Danish,

Captured alive would be perfect. If we kill him the left instantly and wrongly declares all war with Islamofascism over, but if he's alive then we get to see them begging for his rights.

BTW, a crazed bunny is trying to dig a hole in my feet as we "speak."

Is bunny asking you to take her for a walk?

I better try to get to sleep. I watched Cider House Rules earlier and it's such a brutal movie that it kind of woke me up.

I better be well-rested to deal with Bellsouth in the morning.

Did you get the photo of the fisherman I sent you?
Buy Danish,

I did get it and if that fish is only nine pounds then maybe Jeffery is more of a munchkin than rushncap.

Cider House Rules only has one really good scene.
Oh and Goodnight!
I am consumed by laughter everyime you link "Sara" with me. I mean, I couldn't make her errors of grammar, syntax and just plain ignorance if I tried. We Ivy leaguers are like that. Gee she's creative, in a caveman's sorts wsy, but it ain't mr baba!

In the meanime, I suppose you'll continue to back the worst President the US has ever had, what with his stratospheric trade and budget deficit; his faith in a Wal-Mart economy (what's sick leave?) And last but not least, hhis invasion of a country (Iraq) with virtually no interest in international terrorism (that is, until we showed up) while playing pattycake with the REAL terrorists in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Bush will go down in history, all right. He couldn't br lamer and more stupid stupid if he tried. And he's got you all fooled. There's a sucker born every minute and you're one of 'em.

Mission acomplished!
Seneca/finch/seeker?????or Sara:

I am consumed by laughter everyime you link "Sara" with me. I mean, I couldn't make her errors of grammar, syntax and just plain ignorance if I tried.

"sorts wsy"


"br lamer"

"stupid stupid"

Thanks, I like to laugh too.

I thought it was an excellent movie with terrific acting, but the story line is tough.


You missed a few more errors from the lunatic:

We Ivy leaguers are like that. Gee she's creative, in a caveman's sorts wsy (SIC), but it ain't mr (SIC) baba (SIC)!

finchie (Seneca)

Lunacy often manifests itself in rambling, incoherent manifestos with numerous spelling errors.

Of course it goes without saying that lying in the face of blatantly obvious reality is not a good sign of normalcy either.

I forgot to mention that you're also a moron, and if you want to play lying games you need to talk to Sara first to make sure you're both on the same page.
@@/Buy Danish,

Here's another one:

I am consumed by laughter everyime...

Can't out spell those Ivy League types you know!
We're big in Belgium these days! Apparently they took our Russians eating alien fish and moved them to a McDonald's.

Do you think the octopus represents 8 personalities?
Buy Danish,

It may be something like that, but seneca/finch/seeker/bonnie/mirror/sara/ etal only have one personality, just a lot of names.

This moron can't even do schizophrenia right.
Would anyone be surprised to know that just a few minutes after psycho posted his illiterate message that I got another email from "Sara Finch?"
The google comment clock is three minutes fast so Seneca really posted at 5:22 this morning and the email server, which is accurate, stamps the email at 5:43.
I can't for the life of me figure out why we relate Jeffery "Seneca" Finch with Sara "obscene emailer" Finch.

Sara Jane Goode m. Jeffrey Elberson Finch Feb 14 1994.

The latest from "Sara" to follow. I'm sure that those of you that have been at this blog and the AJC blogs will get quite a kick out of it.

Your guess is as good as mine. My husband participates in an AJC blog (atllanta journal constitution) blog where he once 2 yrs ago mentioned my name. I don't participate. Anyway recently this person wrote a really offensive message, for which he was kicked off the blog, and wrote it under my name. Of course anyone who knows me knows that I can spell, punctuate, and that I"m don't froth at the mouth over any politics, left or right, having had enough of that while living in Washington DC. It's a mystery to us but we wrote him a 2 line note pointing out that he was perilously close to committing id theft and we would report it. Sorry about this - it seems this person is taking advantage of us since he can't use his own name to get back on the blog, he can't use my husbands and in his weird mind he thinks he is "getting even." If he does not run out of things to try and argue about on the blog soon we'll just do what's needed to get the person barred for good. I have little time and spend it online doing other things. No doubt it' s the same in your case. Regards, and if we ignore perhaps this person will find another party to pester. Good luck to you. Sent:Sunday, March 4, 2007 5:43 AM

I'm don't froth at the mouth though.

In short, that email is an incoherent mess, just like Sybil Bon Finchie.

By the way, have you ever seen a message at the AJC written in Sara's name?
Buy Danish,

You're even cleaning up some of Miss Punctuation's error. That's a quote mark not an apostrophe in "I'm" the way s/he did it.

No search engine shows any comment at the AJC blogs ever made by a "Sara Finch" either.
Just to clarify my 12:36 comment. That email was also sent from

It's hard to believe someone is stupid enough not to report fraud, change their password, or delete their account if they truly believe that someone has stolen access to their email account, but then there's finch.

Imagine for a second how idiotic it would be to use an email address to send a message claiming that someone else is using that very same email address.

Of course there isn't because it didn't happen (except in the dark recesses of Sybil's mind).
"joewilson" makes a comeback!


I see the Crooks and Liars link, but where is the "joewilson" comeback?
One of the funniest threads.
Um, have you seen this on google?:

"RW-(the original) Dancing Madly Backwards Through A Liberal ...and that is RW the Original Pussy and B-a-a-a-a-h Danish, the original ... but then, RW the Original Pussy never let irony or the truth stand in his way. ... - 56k - Cached - Similar pages"


D'UH! That was really impressive work there./Sarc. That's the idiot Parrot Midori talking of course.

It's ALL on Google. That's how we know Sara Finch never commented at the AJC.

That's a pretty funny comment thread on your link. Are you going to google some of the slurs that got posted against him like you did Midori's against me and then post them at his blog?

I googled to find your blog and that is listed on the second result.

I think google should delete it.

I don't think google will delete any slurs against wingnuts.
I know Buy Danish is into researching "runway fashion", so I thought she may want to add her two-cents worth.

And now we are looking to Spring fashion with...

Little Kim in his Superman underoos.

Have your say Buy Danish. The fashion world awaits.
Shute, I knew my missing trashcan would eventually become a problem.

I'll either have to find it or leave my "trashed link" for everyone to step over.

I could try the link again, but then I may generate even more trash.

What to do? What to do?
Holy crap - is that all you brainless twats do is comment for days and days on the same post? What a pack of losers you are. Why don't you just email each other and save yourselves the embarrassment of looking so pathetic. I came back hoping for a new post to comment on but it's the same old post with a week's worth of inane bullshit. I know. I was mistaken for hoping there might be a new idea here. Same shit different day. Just like your boy toy Bush.

We didn't set this blog up to be your playground, but if new posts concern you move into the 21st century and use an RSS feed.
Wow, that farmer sure is a meinie.

Thanks for your carbon copy post that would come from any leftist weinie, farmer brown.
Apropos of absolutely nothing, Here's an important Envirowacko Moonbat alert not from the Onion:

Other ways of "greenwashing" the bedroom, as outlined by TreeHugger and Greenpeace, include turning out the lights, not buying PVC or vinyl accoutrements, ensuring S&M paddles are made from sustainably harvested timber, using organic massage oils, showering together, using bamboo bed sheets (they come from a rapidly renewable resource and are said to be "super sexy"), and wearing lingerie made with renewable fibres such as hemp (Enamore), bamboo (Butta) and other organic goodness (GreenKnickers, Buenostyle, Peau Ethique).

Tipper and Al have some shopping to do!
ooooWHEE! you dummies have had a figgn' FIELD day trying to decide if finch is midori or sara or... whats the latest? Oh yeah, melnfarmer. Heck that guys got twice the vocabulary and only about twice the names of hero homophobe and all around racist and paranoid Andy. Why are you so obsessed about finch/bon/seeker or whatever his name is anyway?? He actually has that much power over you?? Amazing. Just amazing. Ignore him and his power will go away, but you're to dumb to think of that.

You ARE good for a laugh a least once a week. Your unenenting and obsessive search for the real bon scott, or is it finch... or Sara leaves me in convulsive laughter.

Channel all youor hatred into a well configured power grid and we'd never have to worry about an energy crisis again.

What a bunch of losers.
Way to go dumbass bon scott! It only took you three months to figure out you weren't blocked from the comment section.

What an idiot! What's an unenenting search anyway?

Did you ever think that Sara Bon Finchie was Midori?
Meinfarmer, the family trees and thoughts of people dead for centuries seems to the prime subect on this blog today. Not the anarchy and bloodshed that make up "Mission Accomplshed" in Iraq.

Trust me, it's hopeless here. Juat a pathetic gathering post where fringe neocons post irrelevant parapraphs from obscure geanological boards in a pathetic attempt to link names out of the distant past to the oppposition of their descendents to the neocon's own lies, when its the opinions of today, and not the ones on names on the family tree that matter.

Not in your wildest dreams could you conjure up a board which still thinks Bush is God, Cheney is St. Peter, everything they do is right, and anyone who disagrees with them should be waterboarded Or worse. Their long dead ancestors must literally be dug up and slandered too. Of course, Meinfarmer, these present day "patriots" should all enlist and head to Iraq, but they're all a bunch of chickenbleep cowards. They make me proud of our soldiers, marines and sailors and absolutely ashamed of their claim to be "real Americans".They are the worst "Do as I say, not as I do" types since the Roman Empire, and there's a special place in hell for them.

If they were even remotely human they would be ashamed of themselves. But they aren't, so they're not.
Buy Danish,

No I can't say that I have. Sybil is just getting cranked up though. No telling what we'll be accused of when s/he gets to the worm in the bottom of the bottle.
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