Saturday, March 17, 2007

Didn't the Democrats say they were holding hearings to get answers?

It's a little difficult to take them seriously when they won't allow answers. Isn't it the height of absurdity to call a witness and then tell them flat out they can't answer you because you aren't willing to yield your time to them?

As Bryan at Hot Air points out, Victoria Toensing wrote the law that covers outing a covert agent.

This occured earlier today yesterday, during Rep. Waxman’s Valerie Plame show trial. Keep in mind that Victoria Toensing wrote the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, the law that was at the center of the Plame-Wilson fracas. Keep in mind that she knows what the law is for and whom it covers, since she wrote it. Keep also in mind that Toensing was called to Waxman’s kangaroo court as a witness. Witnesses generally answer questions asked of them in such settings. That’s why they’re there.
Now, watch Nostrildamus not allow said witness, an expert’s expert since she wrote the law in question, to answer questions.

Bonus Video!

I liked Toensing. Didn't know anything about her until this. I didn't see the smackdown the liberals were all excited about though.

I saw a Democratic leader with total disinterest and disregard for the law or how it could help clarify the situation.

My Dad was a big Oliver North fan. Used to talk about his testimony in Iran/Contra. I've never seen it. I wonder if Toensing's could compare.

They all tried to pull that with Toensing when they weren't trying to get her to read other people's minds.

If you want to see some of the libs that blog at ml's turn on C-SPAN now.
Crap, I miss so much when I just drop in and leave.

Your NOW at 3:51 turned out to be my NOW at 4:39.

I saw most all of it RW, but didn't see that great Waxman moment.

I loved your Nostrildamus tag. Once again, I'm outta here, so don't come in with a NOW that I'll regret later.

That part was Bryan at Hot Air.

Here's a pretty good idea of what was going on at the moonbat rally.
Oh but that link is only good NOW!
So Cindy doesn't want to be protesting an illegal war when she's 90 and in a wheelchair.

OT -- Here's something positive that I found at -- thought y'all might enjoy it. The comments are pretty interesting, too (or not, depending upon your viewpoint.)

Iranian Voices
I can't believe nobody has mentioned the cat attacking the reporter.
RW -- I just copied this from the LGF site. What are:

. . .MilBlogs and anti-idiotarian sites such as LGF.

Never heard or saw those descriptions before. Thanks!

Good article, I've read quite a few that would indicate the same thing.

It's all propoganda to fuel the fires. The U.S. has their own little propoganda machine in its' liberal media.

75% of the Iranian population is very displeased with Ahmadinejad. We need time in Iraq & Iran. Hopefully we'll get it.

I personally see great progress all throughout the ME, but you can't convince those who are overwhelmed by their emotions.

RW: That reporter was an idiot. Always drop a cat when it begins making that noise.

Milblogs are military blogs run by soldiers or people very familiar with the military. Anti-Idiotarian is something originally coined at LGF which basically means one with common sense.


Yes she was and then after she got attacked she says, "I'm not a cat de da de da..."
Hi @@ -- hope all is well with you and Semper and you're having a great weekend!

Amen to the cat comment! When my cats would start that scary howl, I knew to put them down immediately. The reporter actually started crying -- I can relate to how much those scratches hurt and leave scars.

The statistic that "more than two–thirds of Iranians are under 30," is amazing, isn't it? Perhaps they will be the ones instrumental in throwing out the old guard. Seems to me they're not listening to their elders anymore. That's a good thing.

Funny, isn't it, how the U.S.A is still the country to look up to and emulate? Let's hope the 30 and under crowd in Iran aren't giving any credence to the ML-type blogs and their bloggers.

RW -- the cat video is great! Thanks for the laugh (albeit at the expense of that poor reporter!)
RW -- duh. Military Blog. Sheesh.

And OMG -- I thought the word was anti-idolitarian. Now that I see what you typed, it's idiot. Double duh. A sheepish thanks :-.)
This was one super secret spy by golly! Did anybody not know about her?

The identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame was compromised twice before her name appeared in a news column that triggered a federal illegal-disclosure investigation, U.S. officials say.
Mrs. Plame's identity as an undercover CIA officer was first disclosed to Russia in the mid-1990s by a Moscow spy, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In a second compromise, officials said a more recent inadvertent disclosure resulted in references to Mrs. Plame in confidential documents sent by the CIA to the U.S. Interests Section of the Swiss Embassy in Havana.

The rest
You think I'm kidding, RW. I'm not. You think I have absolutely no respect for you. Also not true. Actually you can be very smart and quite funny, if a bit, ummmm biased.

The offer still tands for a cold one of your choice.
sorry, but I must ask.

bonn scott, are you a serial weirdo?
No, JNJ, I am not a seious weirdo. Weirdo, maybe, but then again, if you think extending an open hand of openness and curiosioty is weird...

then who's the serious weirdo?

RW the offer is sincere and I'll buy.

This offer wouldn't seem quite so weird if you'd leave out the pick up lines and your feelings of curiosity.

Anyway, I think Jay said serial not serious.
America got a terrific look at a classy lady yesterday when Valerie Plame testified before Henry Waxman's Government Reform and Oversight Committee about the events surrounding her betrayal by the Bush Administration. And America got a disturbing look at a Republican party devoid of reason and just plain common sense when Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland and Libby loyalist Victoria Toensing did the intellectual equivalent of declaring, THERE IS NO SUN.

The twit Victoria Toensing continued to insist however, along with other Bush apologists, that Valerie was not covert per the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. Well, once again, here are the damn facts. According to the Intelligence Identities Protection Act:

(4) The term “covert agent” means:
(A) a present or retired officer or employee of an intelligence agency or a present or retired member of the Armed Forces assigned to duty with an intelligence agency—

(i) whose identity as such an officer, employee, or member is classified information, and

(ii) who is serving outside the United States or has within the last five years served outside the United States; or

(B) a United States citizen whose intelligence relationship to the United States is classified information, and—
(i) who resides and acts outside the United States as an agent of, or informant or source of operational assistance to, an intelligence agency, or
(ii) who is at the time of the disclosure acting as an agent of, or informant to, the foreign counterintelligence or foreign counterterrorism components of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; or
(C) an individual, other than a United States citizen, whose past or present intelligence relationship to the United States is classified information and who is a present or former agent of, or a present or former informant or source of operational assistance to, an intelligence agency.

You do not even have to be a lawyer to figure this out. You only need a brain. The first question is whether or not Valerie worked for the CIA. Newflash--she did!! Well, that's what Robert Novak was told by two Administration officials.

the rest can be found at:

thank you again, @@, for getting the hell out of my party.

thank you, RW the original gangrene scrotum, for putting up this blog. Reading this thing is better than watching late-night stand up.

thank you, Hag, for being "you". Letting people read your screeching and excuse making has helped me recruit several to the "rational" side.

and last of all, thank you, Dusty for showing the world that all they have to do to support the troops is sit on your fat ass and blog gibberish and nonsense.

What a bunch of losers.

"You complete me"

Hey parrot,

Valerie Plame doesn't fit any of those conditions.

Thanks for stopping by and showing off your incredible ignorance once again. See ya next time!
Good evening, Midori -- how's that cold, little, two-sizes-to-small heart of yours doing tonight? Does bon scott shiver when you lie beside him? Is that where you and he cooked up the idea to "meet" with RW, buy him a drink and make him an offer he couldn't refuse?

I left a message for you and your hero Hugo yesterday at the thread below (in case you missed it.)

You disappoint me this evening. . .I usually rely on you for yet another way to use the "p" word -- got a new one for the upcoming week?

And if you or bon scott are Irish (or even if you aren't,) I leave you with this blessing in honor of your special day:

May the wind always knock you on your ass, may the sun burn upon your face and may the wind carry you back into the depths of hell from whence you came.

/now back away from the green beer you two. . .
Nice post Honu,

They do seem to show up together every night. You know Midori is my ex so maybe finch just doesn't measure up.



You're more than welcome. I don't have any idea how I could complete you, but this Democrat is working on it.

You're all ready to be "plugged in".

@@ -- too funny! Oh boy, we're in for a moonbat(ic) swoop now!

RW - hell, for all we know, she could be a he and it's my ex!

S/he did really like you when you first appeared at ml's!
RW -- say it ain't so!^^

And no more tales from the crypt.

Please accept my apology for not putting in a first comment that would keep that arrow out of your eye.


It will be expunged from the easily searched archives in a few short months. :-) The problem with Midori is that she doesn't have the capacity to put together any thought of her own other than some vulgar rant so she used your post day after day when she thought you were taking me to task.

She would like you to think she actually wrote that 9:50, but it's mostly just a cut and paste that she has no independent knowledge of, thus the name parrot.
Not a problem RW. I didn't even notice.

Now that you mention it though, it looks more like the proverbial "log" than an arrow.

This article is a couple of days old, but it's a worthwhile look inside Iran's politics.

Iran's War Within

Scratch that ^^^ link. Here's the link:,9171,1599710-1,00.html

I have no idea why it didn't go thru, something about not allowing "http". Not the least bit interested in learning why. I'm very interested in knowing....


Is anybody else missing their trashcan? I see one on every post.

Let's see if this posts and I get a trashcan. It is 2:28 pm.
I have a trashcan...

Are you sure you don't have a trash can? I don't see any way that either of us could turn it off.
Good afternoon, @@ -- hope you're having a nice Sunday. I copied and pasted your link into my browser and am just about to read the article. Thank you so much!

Hi Buy Danish -- welcome back! It seems like I am the only one who doesn't have trouble with this site.

Bet RW wishes it was the other way around :-.)
P.S. Trash can accounted for here.

Do you realize how insulting that question is to my modest intelligence?

I have bunches here in my house. I can SEE them, USE them, EMPTY them!!!

Bottom left corner, right?



Bottom left corner right under the time stamp. Are you having to log back in each time you come here? Maybe it's a cookie thing.

Or maybe you wore your trash can out!
Testing for my trashcan.
Test again.
I do have to log in each day, and sometimes more than once a day.

No cookies in your jar.

No trashcan.

If you're gonna start talking computer crap, be forewarned...I'm a lost cause.

Just ask Semper.

I bet you aren't allowing cookies and that's what blogger uses to recognize you and give you a trash can. That's the only thing that makes any sense and it explains why you have to log in all the time.

I just finished watching Oliver North's War Stories tribute to Winston Churchill.

(Among other things) I learned that Stalin called Churchill a "warmonger" during the Cold War.

No wonder Goldilocks and the parrots love to use that word so! It's that birds of a feather thing.
One more thing before I say, Goodnight.

Midori mentioned that the White House had characterized Lying Joe Wilson's trip as a "Boondoggle" and I heard Maya Eliason use the word on Fox News Sunday. Clearly this was part of the Dem's weekend Talking Points.

If you read this, from the notorious CREW, it seems to me that there was one person making a big deal about the word "boondoggle" and that was Patrick "Nifong" Fitzgerald.

At Libby trial, a Boondoggle of a time.

If it was a boondoggle it was because Lying Joe went to Niger with no intention of doing anything but drink tea and write a poisonous Op Ed.
Goodnight Buy Danish!

I missed War Stories the first time around. I'm going to try to stay up for the 1:00 rerun.
I'm turning myself in to the Grammar Police -

I should have said, " intention of doing anything but TO drink tea and TO write..." or "no intention of doing anyting but drinking tea and writing a poisonous Op Ed."

You really should get TIVO! Try to stay awake - it was well done.

TIVO??? What is this TIVO you speak of? I'm just a caveman, frankly your world frightens me.

Actually it doesn't matter if I use a VCR or a DVR, I never watch anything I record.
Ignore me. I'm working.
I'd venture to guess that at least one of these Leftist psychos is the Unablogger, but he's clearly at a junior college and not at Georgia Tech.

Thanks for the explanation at ml's.
It may, or may not have been what I wanted to hear.

Everybody is saying that there's no way Clayton County can turn itself around.

Semper is firmly planted here until he retires, and then I question whether he'll be willing to relocate even then.

There is a guy who is buying up properties for what he says are out-of-state investors. He's renting them out though, and the properties are suffering considerable damages in the process. I know of no investors who have moved into the homes they purchased. Maybe that was never their intent.

I fear that the longer we stay here, the less we'll be able to get for the house.

All in all, our area is pretty nice. Large acre tracts, nice homes. But still, a gamble.

I wouldn't be surprised if investors were trying to buy up lots of properties and then rent them without much maintenance just to acquire the land for a future multi use development. They know that eminent domain is against them these days and if they already own most of the property at depressed prices it won't be that hard to acquire the rest later. In the meantime any rent they collect is gravy and masks their true intent.

In the long run that could be very good for your area and if you think about it, Clayton is really the easiest direction to go for future development. Although once it becomes that thriving madhouse Semper won't want to live there anymore probably. :-)
Hiya, RW,

Interesting comments about the real estate market here. This place seems weird to me because there was no big bubble (as far as I can tell) before the slide. And there's a slide afoot; not just in suburban areas, but in the urban condo market, too. This ain't Californis, snd it ain't DC, the 2 places I've had real estate experience.

The offer to buy you a drink remains. No time limit. Next week, next month, in a neutral zone where fistacuffs would be forbidden (smile)

I've got a place in mind in Buckhead, on Pharr Road. No glitz, no fru fru. A pub as much as anything, where (in the few times I've been there) boisterous conversations are amusingly tolerated, but hitting your barmate on the head with a chair is a definite no-no.

If this isn't your neck of the woods, we can go someplace else. I'm flexible.

I want to park the extreme coments we've both made over the past 2 years. Can you do that? I promise I will.

And I do have a businesss sugestion to make. It would involve absolutely no investment on your part. Let's just say that I want to make us both a little loose change off of our political differences.

It'll need a face to face. Just one, and you can bail out, and I PROMISE I'll play for the drink.

I think you have my email....

I know you have one of my emails and you could also use the one here on this page to let me know what the hell a promise to "play for a drink" means.

The real estate comments are a carryover from ml's.
Danish, I'm curious as to why you don't "care" for Fred Thompson.


Normally I wouldn't intervene in this conversation you're having with RW, but I've gotta say. This ain't lookin' good if you know what I mean.

Any one of his regular visitors here has a great deal of respect for RW, but none of us have ever requested a personal one-on-one with him. I've even contacted RW about business opportunities, but I did it through e-mail.

It didn't require a face to face.

I'm sure that with all of your many "important" friends, you can find one interested in your venture.

If I were RW, which I'm not, I would say "you burned your bridges behind you" and there ain't no crossing back over after that fact.

Sorry RW, none of my business. know...... (ISH)

Thompson supported McCain's Campaign Finance Reform...

I know there is a lot of enthusiasm brewing for him, but his style has never appealed to me.

I realize that could be construed as a silly reason!

We'll see what happens...
Ah, my less than meticulous keyboard.

I'm offering to buy you a drink or two. No obligtation.

@@, your paranoia is noted, but do you really think I'd want to hurt RW in physical, mental, financial or other means, when I know darnwell as idiot could track me down?

I'll keep the communictions between RW and me private. No sense being patently public if it bothers you and others. I'll go looking for his darn email address again.

Chers to you both!

All you have to do to find my email is to click on my avatar.
"Chers" to you to finch and I'll even throw in a Sonny as a chaser.
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