Saturday, March 17, 2007

Didn't the Democrats say they were holding hearings to get answers?

It's a little difficult to take them seriously when they won't allow answers. Isn't it the height of absurdity to call a witness and then tell them flat out they can't answer you because you aren't willing to yield your time to them?

As Bryan at Hot Air points out, Victoria Toensing wrote the law that covers outing a covert agent.

This occured earlier today yesterday, during Rep. Waxman’s Valerie Plame show trial. Keep in mind that Victoria Toensing wrote the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, the law that was at the center of the Plame-Wilson fracas. Keep in mind that she knows what the law is for and whom it covers, since she wrote it. Keep also in mind that Toensing was called to Waxman’s kangaroo court as a witness. Witnesses generally answer questions asked of them in such settings. That’s why they’re there.
Now, watch Nostrildamus not allow said witness, an expert’s expert since she wrote the law in question, to answer questions.

Bonus Video!

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