Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Free Scooter NOW!!

It's hard to argue with much of this article. It's one thing to prosecute some process crimes along the way, but when the only prosecution is a process crime that didn't even involve the party that did the leaking and it was determined that the leaking wasn't even a crime it's time for President Bush to step up and say we won't have this foolishness going on in his justice department. Scooter Libby should have been pardoned before I typed this.

For that, in essence, is what this case is really all about. We learned long ago--and Mr. Fitzgerald knew from the start of his probe in 2003--that Mr. Libby was not the source of the leak to columnist Robert Novak that started all this. Mr. Libby thus had no real motive to cover up this non-crime. What he did have strong cause to do was rebut the lies that Mr. Wilson was telling about the Administration and Mr. Cheney--lies confirmed as lies by a bipartisan report of the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2004.

Mr. Libby did talk to some reporters about the Administration's case for war in 2003, and he did mention Ms. Plame in some cases. So the jury apparently decided that, when asked about those conversations by the FBI and grand jury, he had lied about his own sources of information about Joe Wilson and his wife. In other words, he has not been convicted of lying to anyone about the case for war in Iraq, or about Mr. Wilson or his wife.

Rather, he has been convicted of telling the truth about Mr. Wilson and Ms. Plame to some reporters but then not owning up to it. One tragic irony is that if Mr. Libby had only taken the Harold Ickes grand-jury strategy and said "I don't recall," he probably never would have been indicted. But our guess is that he tried to cooperate with the grand jury because he never really believed he had anything to hide. This may also explain why Mr. Libby never retained an experienced Beltway attorney until he was indicted.

Guess who else thinks Libby should be pardoned? Did you guess that it was one of the jurors? Oh and just for fun too! We now have a juror that is BBQ buds with half the witnesses against Libby and another that thinks it would be cool to convict someone leaving them in financial ruin and then pardon them for sport. Unbelievable!

RW, you ignorant twit.

I knew I wasn 't blocked from your blog. I just didn't feel like being around a place I wasn't welcomed.

As for the RSS feeds? What a CLUTTER! It's bad enough wasting time getting crap from the NYTimes, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Sun-Times, etc. And their crap is so much better than yours. And they don't make me think that I'm Elton viasitings the Colonnade every time I peeked in. (Finch was here, Bon was here) Sorry, but it's the truth and you know it. And I know you'll get better,

RSS feeds from a 2 bit marginal (notice I'm being nice) like yours? This is subject to cha nge, . I find the void in your head DOWNRIGHT SHOCKIMG.and you soon may be worthy for an above board electron ecxhange. But not yet bubba... not yet. I find your ignorance concerning my alleged lack of ignorance FRIGHTNING.

Sure am glad (HAH!) that you and your comrades took three hours of time necessary to track down my wife' geneaology What people who have been dead for 100 years have to do with my political opinions escapes me, but I guess it beats carjacking and 7-11 stickups as jobs, so good luck.

What got you and BD on this family tree trick anyway? What do my ancestors, let alone my wife's ancestors have anything to do with anything here?. What's my wife herself gotta do with George (what time is it?) Bush, or Cheney (no you hold the gun like THIS, fool!) or even Nancy Pelosi (I'm ALREADY Speaker in MY House, you twit!)

Treat folks with little less contempt, and you might grt a little respecy in return.

Please try to stay on topic. Thank you.
Now I feel bad. I'm one of the people who uses my county connections to get out of jury duty.

I did show up in the beginning, but knew too many lawyers, too many judges, and too many ADAs. Never made it through the polling process.

If that ^^^ is any indication of a "covert operative", then it's a good thing Valerie Plame was exposed.

Mindless meanderings and again, SPELLING & GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!!! OMG.

Finch, you need to stay undercover. You appear more obsessed and incompetent with each post. Have you no shame?

Jury material?

I didn't have time this morning, but punctuation seems to be problematic for you as well.

Since when do sentences end with both a comma and a period?


You really do have a drinking problem, don't you? That, or you're just illiterate.

I'll go with the former though, because I do recall when your spelling, punctuation and grammar were pristine.

Do you see how obsession can destroy your abilities to think and perform logically?
Finch/Seneca/Bon Scott et al,

Maybe if you weren't a congenital liar and lunatic, you wouldn't be blaming other people for your own problems.

It was bad enough when you wouldn't admit to being finch, but you went over the line.

I don't doubt that you just expected everyone to take your crazy word for it and have the rest of us just take it on the cheek without demonstrating what a liar you are. That's how libs operate - see Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.

You're even willing to throw your family overboard in the process. Sad.

Like this:

I am consumed by laughter everyime you link "Sara" with me. I mean, I couldn't make her errors of grammar, syntax and just plain ignorance if I tried. We Ivy leaguers are like that. Gee she's creative, in a caveman's sorts wsy, but it ain't mr baba!
Buy Danish, I just saw at ml's where you were looking for input on names.


That's good but it doesn't sound "scientific" enough.

I should look up the zoological word for "parrot" while I'm at it.

You may be right about VFTW! How else to explain these talentless losers making it through?

Although I disagree about Taylor Hicks - I liked him a lot.


The are going to ruin the show with this charity stuff - it's too freaking political, especially with Katrina.

If they wanted to do this they should have chosen some military charities - helping wounded soldiers and their families - that sort of thing.

I really think that most Idol watchers are red staters.
Dammit! That comment was meant for the Sports Bar and now I can't get rid of the freaking thing.

First I had a garbage can but it tried to sell me a blog. Now there is not garbage can.

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