Thursday, March 29, 2007

MC Rove

Click the title for more from the Radio and TV Correspondents Association Dinner last night in Washington.


"Feinstein is chanting the mantra of endless terrorism and war without end in tandem with the neoconservative Heritage Foundation, which calls for increasing military spending until domestic programs for the poor are deader than an Iraqi baby run over by a Humvee filled with Halliburton engineers."

From mm's source.

Buy Danish:

Have you heard anything about Bill Clinton running for mayor of NYC?

Hi'ya Getalife:

Of all people at ml's YOU'RE DEMANDING SOURCES?

What's that about? Democrats' double standards AGAIN?

You asked for a different "link". I gave you a different link. You should have clarified a different "source".

BTW, my Mom doesn't have pain in her chest. If I got her smoking pot, she'd fall, break her hip, and probably die.

Why do you hate my Mom?

You've never even met her. :-)

Why are you scared to answer the question of why she resigned as soon as this story came out?
Good one @@.


That story is false.

He is the only source and he hates Feinstein.

She is filling in for Johnson until he returns.

mm should remove her blog.


OK, I got it. Democrats can do anything they want and you are thrilled with them, but if a Republican sneezes s/he should be jailed for bio-terror.

Glad to see you aren't partisan.

Please, if he is right on my first post, she is a neocon.

You should love her.


Unlike you, I really do hate corruption. You're just a political hack that pretends to hate it if you think you can nail a Republican.

What's a neocon?

Contrary to LW propaganda, Rove is supposed to be a really nice guy. I love MC Rove.

If you think about it, there really are very few clips available of Rove in action, in any capacity. A speech here and there, a clip of him walking with Bush to take off on some trip. He doesn't appear on the Sunday talk shows - he's a behind the scenes kind of guy.


I have not heard that about Billy Jeff. Barf! Go back to Arkansas already, BJ.

I HAVE heard that that jackass RINO Bloomberg could step in as a 3rd Party Candidate for Prez.

Either rumor is a nightmare.


Feinstein is to the Right of Boxer. She is still a ruthless Democrat.

You made some comment about partisanship earlier today at MLs. I am a party girl but I would vote for a Dem like Zell Miller if he was running against Chuck Hagel.

I do hate corruption but now it is just a fact of life.

mm should do a little research.

Well, well, well. Speaking of DiFi, isn't this ironic?

Smithsonian head resigns under fire - The businessman and collector had angered lawmakers and offended researchers.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who as chair of the Rules Committee has oversight responsibility for the Smithsonian, was so upset by reports of Small's excesses — and the board's lackadaisical response — that she moved up, to April 11, the date of her committee's hearings, according to her staff.

"It is my hope that Secretary Small's resignation will help clear the air at the Smithsonian and help lead to a new era of accountability at one of our nation's premier institutions. I believe that his compensation package, totaling $915,698 in 2007, was seriously flawed and the oversight of his spending practices lacking," she said in a statement Monday. "Now, in the wake of his resignation, it is imperative that the Board of Regents step up to the plate and ensure much more vigorous oversight and accountability."

Considering the fact that Small raised a billion dollars for the Smithsonian, his excesses seem quite small (no pun intended) in comparison.

Um, speaking of doing research -

Is it just my neocon computer, or do I see Dianne Feinstein's name on the list of members?

How did I ever find that?! I clicked on "members" from Getalife's link.
Damn! Even that KKK Grand Kleagle is on that subcommittee, but that's OK because he's a Democrat.
I have one question.

How'd you like the ^^video^^ getalife?
Darned if I don't have a neocon computer too!

By the way, getalife, where do I get one of those computers you were telling me about at ml's that automatically tells you what time it is no matter where in the world you are and automatically converts the time to wherever you're posting?

Here's the list of the Defense subcommittee members.

You'll have to tell us if your moonbat computer has DiFi's name on it.

Here's a little background on DiFi's largesse to her groom, Mr. Blum.

San Francisco Chronicle April 22, 2003
Okay, I hate to rub it in, but this is from Dianne Feinstein's own website.

In the 110th Congress, Senator Feinstein assumed the Chairmanship of the Rules and Administration Committee, where she oversees ethics, campaign and election reform. Senator Feinstein also serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where she is the Chairman of the Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security Subcommittee. And she is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Senator Feinstein is also a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. She currently serves as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Interior Department and Related Agencies, and is a member of the Subcommittees on Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, Defense, Energy & Water, and Transportation-Housing. She previously served as the Ranking Member of the Military Construction and Veteran Affairs Subcommittee.

Just the facts, moonbats, just the facts.
Damn you're quick Danish. I was just about to deliver the SFGate Article for Getalife.

Getalife, you sure are quick to wet your feet in the muck the leftwing swamps put out there.

Psssstt!! Does the name Jason Leopold ring a familiar bell?
Buy Danish,

Say it ain't so!!! You know that some evil neocon hacker broke into her website to post those lies!!!

I'm good, aren't I! Poor Getalife doesn't have a chance competing against my research skills.

This is from an ultra left left- wing website about the warmongering Feinstein.

Feinstein Watch

{{{Many Californians have seen Iraq for Sale, a new documentary about war profiteers, screened courtesy of MoveOn. It focuses on companies like Halliburton and their connection to Republicans such as Dick Cheyney (sic), but ignores war profiteering Democrats like Dianne Feinstein.}}}

It's not looking good for DiFi. Code Pink will be sleeping on mattresses in front of her house by the weekend.
mm's source said she is chairperson.

Could it be Johnson is returning and she is still a member.

Prove me wrong, find another link stating she resigned.

Good luck.

I've often wondered if the "radical leftists" (like you) ever bother to research beyond what you want to see.

In your link, all you had to do was pull up members and voile. You could even link to Dianne's own website from there.

I think you guys are just lazy and don't want to work too hard to find the truth.

TruthOut? That's another ballgame altogether for you guys.

SlamDunk for Buy Danish.

Are you for real?

You may have to wait for verification on her resignation from another source. Gawd only knows, the liberal media probably won't cover it.

Hell, she may not have to. Democrats never require it of their own, and neither do their constituents.

It's shameful. Absolutely shameful.
Scratch the "shameful".

Q. Who said -

If this were a Republican senator's spouse scoring bundles off the spoils of war and passing it along to fellow Republicans, the liberals would be up in arms. But since Dianne Feinstein is a leading Democrat, mum's the word.

A. Joshua Franks of in a story called The Democrats Daddy Warbucks.

Honestly I would much prefer to see Barbara Boxer or Harry Reid get nailed than DiFi. These lefties must have been behind her resignation. Just a hunch, but I bet that CREW was involved.

That's just a cover-up. Tim Johnson isn't back and she has left her post taking his place as soon as her corruption was exposed. It's not like your party doesn't know how to bury a few skeletons.

Since she was the "ranking member" as her website states, don't you think there's a good chance she was Chairing the subcommittee during the Daschle Dynasty?

You have become a card carrying member of the COC! Time to fire your web site back up and defend your corrupt buddies.

Getalife thinks research is reading DU, KOS and HuffPo.


Johnson is returning? Don't you think that would be in the news? Maybe even a 24/7 A1 above the fold kind of story?

I'm doubled over laughing right now.
The only one reporting this is one reporter who mm linked too.

Find another source reporting she resigned.

I can't find one and tired of looking.

It would seem the wingnut sites would be all over this one with more than one source.

Maybe tomorrow.

It's quite telling that your focus is only on the technical definition of "resigning" and that don't care one bit about the corruption.

She is no longer on the committee. Her own website says that.

There are 3 possibilities:

1. She resigned.

2. She was kicked out.

3. Her term expired.

You're right about one thing - we'll find out more tomorrow.
You're right about one thing - we'll find out more tomorrow.

I doubt that, she is a Democrat and I'm sure that someone at the White House sent out an email asking some career government bureaucrat somewhere to do their job and it will be the next breaking scandal.

It is possible that since she resigned the ultra leftists agreed to be quiet about it.
Resigned??????? I thought Tim Johnson had leaped out of his recovery center bed and come back to the Senate leaving her no choice but to get out of the way.

Maybe Jim Webb wants the job and with the arsenal he packs she didn't want to argue with him.
More sleuthing.

Peter Byrne is a investigative journalist based in the Bay Area. Research for his investigative series on U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein is supported by a grant from the Investigative Fund of the Nation Institute

What you might ask is "The Nation Institute"?

Think The Nation Magazine.

I guess these moonbats didn't like MC Rove.
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