Thursday, March 29, 2007

Miss Mixalot-She likes big balls and....

Or at least she likes to comment on them. Is that what keeps up her "young" Democrat image?

Ms. Phleming is the most obnoxious pundit at large right now.

She needs to STFU and let wise gentlemen like Santorum get a word in edgewise. It is unbearable to listen to her squawk incessantly with that annoying voice and empty brain.

I admit to shouting at my tv last nite. It's all her fault!
Since I don't watch these shows, I'm not sure which one is Hannity and which one is Colmes. But the interviewer should have said "Jane, you ignorant slut. Get your hand off of Rick's knee and let him answer the question."


Have y'all ever seen Cynthia Tucker on Chris Matthews' Sunday morning show? She also dresses in the dark (or has no mirrors in the house.) And she slumps just like Jane does. . .perhaps it's an "ic" tic?
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