Thursday, March 08, 2007

School yard libs

Is this beginning to have the feel of a bunch of second graders telling their friends they'll get cooties if they talk to so and so?


The Democrats are sounding like Ahmadenijad on this one. Well, him and the guy downstairs. "Why would I want to come where I'm not welcome?" Waaaaaaa....

Ahmadenijad: "I won't talk to Bush unless I get to have my nukes".

Did anybody see Benjamin Netanyahu on Hannity & Colmes? Did you catch what he said about pension fund & mutual fund investment monies going to Iran? I told Semper to look into his investments. We should contact our representatives and make sure our American investment companies aren't contributing to this support of Iran. seems the Israeli's are looking for new leadership. Netanyahu is extremely popular and would be welcomed as the next PM. He's willing, but said that the Knesset party would have to go before he could be elected.

Is the Knesset the liberal party, and aren't the people fed up with the soft approach of Olmert. Is he a member of the K party?
Whoops! Forget the Knesset question. I just visited Israel.

It's the Likud party.

I'm learning.

Wow! Fox is incredibly stupid to try to placate these hysterical and hypocritical libs. The libs are always moving the goal posts - you can't win playing by their rules.


Netanyahu is great.

I don't know if you know this, but many churches, including the Presbyterian Church have purposefully divested themselves of investments in Israel.

This is just one more example of political-correctness run amuck and the Leftward tilt of our churches which began decades ago.
Buy Danish:

If that's true, then Israel should cut them off from their trips to "The Holy Land". My minister is scheduled to go in October.

I don't know what's going on at ml's, but I can't get any links posted that are worthy of discussion.

All my "pettys" are allowed through, but nothing else.

It's soooooo frustrating.

Did your disappearing posts contain links, or did that not matter?

Here's some info on what the churches are doing. You can use Google to find out more.

The Rev. Clifton Kirkpatrick, the stated clerk, or highest elected official, of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), said the church does not plan a "blanket divestment" of its $7 billion in investment funds from companies operating in Israel. Rather, he said, it will target businesses that it believes bear particular responsibility for the suffering of Palestinians and will give them a chance to change their behavior before selling their shares.

Presbyterian officials cited one possible example: Caterpillar Inc., which manufactures bulldozers used by Israel to demolish Palestinian homes that are built without permits or belong to families of suicide bombers.

This is a bit like churches deciding that they won't invest in Auto companies or cell phone companies because they are used by suicide/homicide bombers.


Here's a good article for you and your minister. After this you're on your own!

Mainline churches move to stop investment in Israel.

Mainline church officials emphasize their denominations' support for Israel's right to exist. (GEE THANKS! AT LEAST YOU'RE NOT AHMADINIJEAD!) But the churches, some of which have ties to Palestinian and Arab sister churches, have long been critical of the Israeli occupation and the country's use of force, as well as concerned about the Palestinians' plight. The Presbyterians' resolution on divestment called the occupation "the root of evil acts committed against innocent people on both sides of the conflict." In addition, the largest mainline denominations--the United Methodist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church, and Episcopal Church-- have all criticized the security barrier Israel is building in the West Bank. The United Methodist Church's General Board on Church and Society issued a statement October 17 calling on Israel to "withdraw from the occupied territories and to tear down the wall it is constructing," along with calling on Palestinians to end terrorism.

Blah blah blah...

Liberalism is a freaking disaster.
I forgot to mention how hilarious Andy's political advice at MLs was.

We're to say we're against everything we're really for which will get the libs to support it.
OMG! Speaking of schoolyard Libs.

This is hysterical.

I wish Obey would run for President. That would be so enertaining.

P.S. Sorry for all the consecutive posts!
Buy Danish,

That goal post moving was sort of my point with Goldielocks over at ml's. When the whole Cobb county textbook sticker kerfuffle was going on they kept telling us that those things should be reserved for a class of it's own which they supposedly would support.

Let's face it - moving goal posts is the only way moonbats can compete and sometimes win.

It's also used as a form of incrementalism, like with the Family Medical Leave act.
Wow. I just read the link Andy posted at MLs about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I knew she was a Lib but I didn't realize quite how extreme she is. But then again she encapsulates liberal thinking - the prison thing nails it for me.

Bench memos.
Buy Danish,

Have you seen the video of David "idiot liberals" Obey melting down today?

His apology used the same thing Blowhard does after he firebombs the blog for a couple of days. "This stupid war made me do it. waaaaa"
But Buy Danish,

Haven't you heard all the moonbats make the claim that she was perfectly acceptable to Republicans since they confirmed her? Of course they ignore the little fact that Republicans did what the Constitution tells them and if she is qualified to be on the bench they can't stand in her way no matter how loony she is otherwise.
Buy Danish/RW:

Andy's take on the liberals support WAS funny. I saw it coming. They were bashing Giuliani at every turn until they saw him as a threat to the Democrats. Now all of a sudden, he's one of theirs.

Thanks for the divestment articles, I saved them and will question my minister on the Methodists. I'm sure Andy would know, he's Methodist.

I guess I should be ashamed to say this....but I'm feeling a little sorry for Pelosi. She's in waaaayyy over her head.

I remember telling Midori long before the November elections, that the uninformed anti-war voters were viewed as a heavy and unwanted burden by the Democrats. I think she was insulted.



Be sure to watch that last one all the way through. Those birds are gorgeous.

I know that's the excuse Dems use about Ginsburg - I just hadn't fully realized the depths of her depraved liberlism until tonight.

Re Obey, I didn't watch the video yet, but, I read the transcript. See my 9:47. Good point about Hugo blaming everything on the war. Where is he do you suppose? Maybe he's someone else?

Andy was truly hysterical today

By LuckoDull

March 9, 2007 4:53 PM | Link to this

Isn’t it cute that the pinkos have this long list of horrible things that Giuliani has done, and that they can hack and gag about it like it’s the most awful conduct imaginable, then they turn right around and call him a liberal?

And that no light bulbs turn on?


Libs are flamingos! That's perfect - all doing the same dance.
Well, this is interesting...

Union: Teacher Can't Divert Dues to Fight Sex Trafficking

"The criteria we have for diverting funds from religious objectors are that the charity be local, that it benefit children, that it be secular and non-religious, and that it be a long-standing organization," VEA President Keith Drake told Cybercast News Service.

Nite guys!

Okay, I watched the video but it's hard to hear. I need supplemental speakers.

The transcript worked for me too!
Goodnight @@!

Buy Danish,

I don't think they could get the sound any better. It was apparently filmed without his knowledge so it's surprising the sound is as good as it is.

If you listen to the hearings for a lot of judicial appointments, Lindsey Graham has a speech down pat where he lists all of the wacky Ginsberg positions.
Well, I'm starting to cruise here against my better judement. It's worth the laughs!

Look at the paranoia you guys are promoting in the name of waging the war againat the evil twerps who want us dead. That's about 0.05% of the Muslim world) It used to be less in Iraq, but the US invason changed all that)

Look how Islamic extremism (and he proliferation of new "war against terror" has turned Iraq from a repressive society into one big Anti-American training camp. Meanwhile, while lives and dollars are wasted in the US debacle, Osama (whom we let get away) and his cohorts are growing stronger than ever on Pakistan and Afghanistan (with help from their "friends" in Saudi Arabia ).

Thanks George. And their misinformed creeps like YOU RW, @@. Danish, Andy and all you war lovers who think George and his buddies should keep sticking to a plan that never should made it off th drawing board.

They should consider themselves lucky, I guess, in other countries, dolts like these would be facing firing squads. Here, they'll get pardons and medals.
Sybil Bon Scott Bon Meinfarmer,

Speaking of School Yard Libs, what are you raving about? I don't see a single comment about the Iraq War here.

You certainly do have a deep reservoir of uncontrollable rage within you.

Firing squads?

Buy Danish,

Do you think we can use this drunken sot's middle of the night message to apply for our medals?


Can I get my pardon in the form of a get out of gulag free card for the next time you insipid fools have complete control of our government?

When you sober up how about letting me know why you put friends in quotes when you were talking about the Saudis. Are you trying to convey that they really aren't friends? That sort of defeats your very own argument. Not only are you barely literate, you don't make any sense either.

Ivy league education my ass! I doubt you could make it through Cornell Middle School.
Speaking of finchie, Translator needed!

S/he wrote this on 3/8/07 at 2:34:10 a.m. at an earlier thread using the super secret code name "covert":

As for the RSS feeds? What a CLUTTER! It's bad enough wasting time getting crap from the NYTimes, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Sun-Times, etc. And their crap is so much better than yours. And they don't make me think that I'm Elton viasitings the Colonnade every time I peeked in. (Finch was here, Bon was here) Sorry, but it's the truth and you know it. And I know you'll get better,

RSS feeds from a 2 bit marginal (notice I'm being nice) like yours? This is subject to cha nge, . I find the void in your head DOWNRIGHT SHOCKIMG.and you soon may be worthy for an above board electron ecxhange. But not yet bubba... not yet. I find your ignorance concerning my alleged lack of ignorance FRIGHTNING.

To begin with, I don't have a clue what that whole Elton riff is about. Anyone?

And the last line where S/he claims we have alleged s/he is NOT ignorant and finds that "frightning" is also rather puzzling.

I'm not even going to bother with the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors - there are way too many to mention.

It's truly saddening to witness your self-destruction.

Do you really want to continue visiting here?

Your "closing arguments" in your most recent post seem to get lost in your "open-ended" parenthesis.

Personally, I'm in favor of simply ignoring your mindless drivel. Your need to be heard is at the core of your problem.

Your denial of your own failings to communicate coherently keeps you in a downward spiral.

An alcoholic would say..."I drink because life sucks" when in reality what they should realize is that "Life sucks because they drink."

It's a vicious cycle that prompts rapid decline. You're your own worst enemy, but too engaged in your own destruction to realize it.

Buy Danish:

I neglected to answer your question about my posting problems at ml's. It didn't matter whether I included a link or not. There were too many missing posts to count yesterday.

Later in the day, I realized that once I hit post, I could hit refresh and they immediately appeared on site.

I lost a lot of posts that had not links attached to them also.

Interesting tip - I never would have thought of that. Andy is having problems with disappearing posts over at Wooten's today.

So do you now hit refresh everytime you post?

This thread from the defunct ML After Dark is where I trace the beginning of the decline of finch/seneca, where I realized how literally duplicitous, backstabber he was.

Up until that day I had always argued with him in good faith and naively assumed the same in return.

Things really began to get out of control from then on.

Bon Scott/finch/seneca/moonbat,

You may want to review^^^that tread. A counselor might find it useful to trace your unravelling, and perhaps manage to affect a cure at some point in the future.
Correction! Make that "what a literally duplicitous backstabber he was..."
Double correction! Make that "effect a cure".
Buy Danish:

From the ML After Dark Site, finch had this to say about Andy.

"But if memory serves me correctly, he was an asshat from the outset after I dared question his omniscience."

Omniscience derived from the word Omnipotent

Having unlimited power, force or authority.

finch has a "god complex". There can only be one, and finch wants to be that "one and only".

Now that ^^^ is very unhealthy finch.

Andy willfully surrenders himself to his "One True God", but it isn't you. And you continually whine because he won't.

Therein lies his greatest advantage over you. Hidden beneath his rough exterior is humility.

You just "humiliate" yourself with each appearance here.

Psychoanalysis is free of charge.

You're welcome.

Did you read the AJC links where finch said entirely different things than Seneca?

Seneca cozied up to us, while finch had to cozy up to the moonbats. Looking for acceptance and approval?

I also ran across this quote from finch which is classic projection:

By finch

April 29, 2006 11:26 AM

Denial is a common symption of chronic addiction.>

This from the person who denies that Bon Scott and finch are the same person, and throws his wife under the bus as he denies he has anything to do with the caveman-like "sarfnch".
Darn it, Dennis wanted to know why Armitage didn't come forward but now Wooten's is closed and we can't tell him it's because Fitzgerald told him to keep his mouth shut.
Buy Danish,

Of course we can tell him. I'll happily forward your message.

Wait! I just found this too -

Writing on the Nation website, David Corn points out that whoever within the Bush administration outted Wilson?s wife may have committed treason

Corn and Isikoff knew it was Armitage, but if they were so concerned about him being treasonous, why did they wait until they published a book to reveal it?

Where are the incessant calls for Armitage to be hanged?


This article also refers to Wilson as the "Ambassador to Iraq" which he wasn't.
Content warning-strong language

Ah those wonderful unions!

Would you please tell Buy Danish to quit torturing me about finch being a backstabber. I still suffer from the self-inflicted wounds.

(Insert smile here)

I could pout, but what's the point?

Right finch?

Should I tell her what you mean? I'll be nice and do it offline. :-)
I get this:

You don't have permission to access /weblog/ on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Apache/1.3.37 Server at Port 80

Please tell me what @@ means, offline...

That union ad is hilarious. I hope that voiceover guy got a gig on the Sopranos.

Apparently they decided to nail the door shut on Joe Wilson. They have been doing a full scale upgrade over there too though, so maybe you got caught up in that.

I get to the webpage just fine. You must not be glamorous enough to access LGF, unlike us beautiful people on the A List.

Now if only Wooten could perform some of that IP magic at his blog...

btw, here are a couple of good reads by Christopher Hitchens on your boy Lyin' Joe.

Plame's Lame Game
What Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife forgot to tell us about the yellow-cake scandal.
By Christopher Hitchens
Posted Tuesday, July 13, 2004

And more recently...

Clueless Joe Wilson -
How did the CIA's special envoy miss Zahawie's trip to Niger?
By Christopher Hitchens
Posted Monday, April 17, 2006


I don't have a problem with exposing my flaws in public.

I'm emotionally healthy unlike the topic of our conversation.

Buy Danish:

I used to refer to myself as "Slow OO". finch was my first mistake, but others have followed.

It's my heart. It's ever so tender, but Andy has put me on the lookout for the "quivering lips", a Clinton tactic.
Oh no! Buy Danish and RW are talking about me offline.

My brow is sweating, my palms are clammie, I feel an incoherent outburst coming on.

What should I do?

Somebody? Anybody? finch? Midori?

I guess you learned Andy's most important lesson which is to frisk the liberal first.

It doesn't matter if we're talking about you offline since I read today that you are Buy Danish and since at ml's they often say I am Buy Danish we're just having one big happy finchlike conversation.

If you and @@ are Buy Danish, then who am I?


I think I came on board somewhere during the Slow OO stage and was too much of a newbie to ask wtf you were talking about.

Now I know - finally!

I was at MLs for awhile before I had the courage to post here. It's funny in retrospect, isn't it! Now RW can't get rid of me.
Buy Danish,

You're us I guess. Dealing with deranged liberals (is that an oxymoron?) can be quite dizzying if you try to take them seriously.
OMG RW, is Buy Danish finch?

You can't get rid of her?

(Insert appeasing smile here)

That would mean we're all finch. It's like the "I Broke The Dam" episode of South Park.

I'm still shocked that BD had the nerve to post at ml's but not here for a time. This is where we came to relax after a moonbat swarm over there.
It's so funny how we all got here, huh? Well okay, maybe the introduction to me wasn't funny at the time, but it grew in funniness over the year, right?

Now, now, no need to go back and check the archives for a reminder . . .just forget I mentioned it.

I'm just glad the AJC keeps archives for only a year. Five more months and ML/Honu comments will be forever purged.

Hmmmm -- wonder if the Wizard has the power to dig up those bones after they're buried?!! :-.)
Yes Honu, the Wizard can go back beyond a year.
A stastical analysis of his blog shows that your neocoms minds have been warped by speculation over who i am, where I live, my physical and mental health, how many names I have, etc., etc.

Haen't you anything better to do, like take out the trash? Sorry about the typos. A clienyt gave me a Mac and it takes a lottle getting used to.

It does't matter who I am anyway, does it? We're all psedunyms.
Sybil Bon finch,

Your "statistical analysis" is unadulterated BS.

You're the one who seems to think we should care about where you live since you're the one who keeps talking about it, and Midori even made an announcement at MLs blog. Sorry to disappoint, but nobody gives a flip!

Bon Scott said,

RW, before you check (and you will), I'll tell you the obvious. In California with some lucrative consultancy stuff. But I'll be back. And much closr than you think. Or fear

1/01/2007 04:51:43 AM

Fear? Weird.

The only "speculation" about where you live has been over whether you were smart enough and wise enough to get professional care.

And frankly, since you freely speculate about our mental health, I, for one, see no reason to be circumspect about yours, particularly since you're the one posting incoherent, mad, gibberish, with obsessive rants about the Iraq War, Andy's "drunkenness", juvenile comments about cross-dressing, and other delirious topics.

You're the one who as "Seneca" bragged about getting drunk with Bon Scott. Who brags about getting drunk in the first place? Someone who has a drinking problem?

As for this: We're all psedunyms (SIC)., please speak for yourself.

btw, If the MAC is too difficult to type with and takes a "lottle" getting used to, then I suggest you buy a new keyboard, or if it's a laptop, plug in a keyboard that works for you.

I sense that this is just one more BS excuse that you just dreamed up because if it were true you could have said that month's ago when you were convulsed with laughter that we confused you, the Ivy Leaguer, with the illiterate "caveman" Sara sarfnch.

Or when you lied through your teeth with this from Sat 2/24/2007 at 3:28 A.M.:

And your post of a letter, supposedly from me last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) sent me into hysterics! I don't know who that was, and their grammar and punctuation were awful, which as you know, isn't quite my style. To tell you the truth, I felt PROUD to have you post
that forgery. Shows just what a dunce you are.

Just because you're a fool, don't make the mistake of thinking everybody else is.
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