Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wow...just...WOW! Update-Video here Thanks @@!

Click the post title to watch this incredible segment with UPI reporter Pamela Hess. This is one of the few times I feel like I can type reporter without scare quotes.

Or Click here to keep from opening a new window to watch the video.

Hot Air has links to the entire program here.

RW -- when I click "click here," Real Player brings up Lapdancin' Ladies. That's probably not what you wanted us to see?!!

/nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

Or was it? ;-.)

It's a Windows Media Player file and lots of people at Hot Air said they were having trouble if they used Real Player. None of them said they were getting lap dancing ladies though. Have you been straying out into the wild world of the internets again?
RW -- I promise you, I am not straying again. That is really what came up on my RealPlayer. Am just reading the comments now at Hot Air, and you are right, I'm not the only one who had a problem. (Phew, cleared my good name there!)

Awesome video and story she tells. I liked her analogy regarding the Crips and Bloods in LA, minus a police presence. She's a cool lady; wonder how she kept it together at all over there. I tear up every time I hear the latest Iraqi and U.S. death toll. Thanks for this.
OMG RW. This will sound strange, but I'm so glad Ms. Hess didn't present her views on the FNN. Can you imagine how many times she would have been interrupted by H&C or O'Reilly?

It was her "enthusiastic emotion" that allowed her story to have such an impact. The host (C-Span?) just sat quietly. Maybe he, too was overwhelmed.

Interesting comparison to chaos in the U.S.

All the more reason to resist liberalism. I read an article yesterday from an Arab authority on Islam, I think he's a catholic priest now. Anyhoo, said that "moderate" Muslims are seeking freedom from "radical" Muslims, a normalcy so to speak. They know Muslims in the U.S. have choices; what they want. Their only concern....liberalism. It negatively impacts their beliefs.

"Rad" man.

Thanks. That was awesome.

What I especially liked is that she cut through all the political crap and got to the heart of what's going on and why it's so important. One angle I had never thought of was that when we here stories of people being on their third tours it sounds so unfair, but she found that many were learning Arabic and developing strong bonds. That is the way we will ultimately win the overall war against Islamofascism.


You are so right, she would never have been able to get that story out on Fox. Probably not on CNN or MSNBC either.

O'Reilly would be cutting in about how he had been in war zones. Colmes would jump on every good thing about Iraq she said and Hannity would be telling her to take a break to compose herself, even though that was what made her story so powerful.

Another analogy beyond the Crips and Bloods is New Orleans after Katrina.

When I hear the story of the Iraqi with the 12 year old son, I wonder if these ordinary people have any weapons to use defensively against the murderous thugs.
Gee RW, I just noticed your new heading. I guess it was O.K. to link this at Wooten's then.

I was going to apologize.

I gave you a "hat tip". I'm never quite sure if I do that correctly, but I try...I do try.

Not a single response from the liberals.

What could they say? The truth is hard for them to deal with.
Oh, and btw BD & RW...

I noticed when posting at Wooten's today, that when I hit post, the little bar thingy at the bottom of my screen appeared to be searching for the AJC's "" connection. Sometimes, others, but not Wooten's.

You know...those little "tab" doodillies at the top of the AJC page.

O.K., now I've given you "thingys" and "doodillies" to work with.

Damn, I'm good....(ISH)

I just read your North Korea book excerpt. How ironic that they went to China to find relief from the famine.

Have you read Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang?

I don't know that I've experienced that Kudzu thingy, but I will be on the alert.

Wouldn't it be a kick if our missing posts are all showing up at some random blog? Those people will think we're awfully rude for never responding to them, but posting away to our heart's content.

This is how dumb I am....I went over to to see if everybody's post were floating around over there.


Buy Danish:

No, I haven't read that book. I'll google it. I really don't know that much about China. On the surface they look O.K., but I've been reading online. They're suspected of practicing some pretty barbaric things like harvesting organs from live prisoners. And then there are their population control measures.

I just read today where they axed the tax breaks for foreign investors. Sounds bad, but I just don't understand global economics at all.

When I ask Semper to explain, it takes him so long that I get bored listening. So I can't learn much from him unless he wants to shorten it up and sweetin' it up.

RW, please don't "buff" ^^^ that.
And what would "buffing" that look like?

That's a question only Buff could answer. He's not around anymore, but his unjustified fantasies still linger.

I'm outta here.

Have a great evening.
Ever the cryptic one, @@, ever the cryptic one....


I really recommend Wild Swans - an epic story of 3 generations of Chinese women.

Read the reader reviews at Amazon. It's a book that leaves one speechless so it's hard for me to describe, except to say that it makes Angela's Ashes look like a walk in the park.

There are chapters where every paragraph describes a new horror or atrocity. It's bizarre to realize that this was all going on during the swinging seventies and that the toniest bookstores in NYC proudly displayed Mao's Little Red Book of propaganda in their store windows and by the cash registers for the well-heeled impulse buyer.

It was from reading Wild Swans that I learned the trivial fact that under the Glorious Revolution of Mao it was considered bourgeois to have grass lawns, and pulling the grass up blade by blade was a commonly meted punishment.

Little thingys like that are sort of unforgettable.
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