Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is it any wonder that Moran is becoming interchangeable with moron?

Finally, Moran offers one of those cutesy, let's-roll-the-news-events-of-the-moment-into-a-neat-package sentence when he says dismissively that the three men are "are very differently situated in life from, say, the young women of the Rutgers University women's basketball team."

Yes, they are. They spent a year in torment, as did their families. They and their families incurred huge legal fees (and it says something about Terry Moran, awash in a multi-million-dollar network contract, that he might think "well-heeled people" can afford $1 million plus in legal fees without suffering hundreds of sleepless nights over them and the possibility of having to, say, go into hock for the rest of their lives).

The Rutgers women's basketball team was insulted by a shock jock, and in about 12 minutes became America's darlings. I'd say the Duke three were "differently situated." With the exception of Don Imus, America has greeted the Rutgers team as heroes. Most of elite America was certain for months that these three men were guilty of rape.

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