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Is it any wonder that Moran is becoming interchangeable with moron?

Finally, Moran offers one of those cutesy, let's-roll-the-news-events-of-the-moment-into-a-neat-package sentence when he says dismissively that the three men are "are very differently situated in life from, say, the young women of the Rutgers University women's basketball team."

Yes, they are. They spent a year in torment, as did their families. They and their families incurred huge legal fees (and it says something about Terry Moran, awash in a multi-million-dollar network contract, that he might think "well-heeled people" can afford $1 million plus in legal fees without suffering hundreds of sleepless nights over them and the possibility of having to, say, go into hock for the rest of their lives).

The Rutgers women's basketball team was insulted by a shock jock, and in about 12 minutes became America's darlings. I'd say the Duke three were "differently situated." With the exception of Don Imus, America has greeted the Rutgers team as heroes. Most of elite America was certain for months that these three men were guilty of rape.


I could write a book about the Duke case and the Imus case. Last night Jerry Rivers, I mean Geraldo Rivera, declared that Al Sharpton is the greatest Civil Rights leader of the century (or something like that - I forget the exact time frame he used for his BS theory).

Jane whatever her name is on Fox News Watch claims that what Imus said is "hate speech". No it's not. It is "hateful" or a "hateful comment" perhaps, but "hate speech" would imply that he hated the Rutgers Girls Basketball Team.

Indeed, if I were the head of the FCC I would make the phrase "hate speech" illegal, along with the F bomb and all the rest that are already verboten.

On the bright side, here's someone who could duke to a knock out finish with that pussy Moran.

I'd call him "articulate" but that is "hate speech".
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Buy Danish,

Michelle has a great post on Sharpton and trying not to hurl when Jerry Rivers started fawning over Sharpton.
The spam mail seems to have eased up. I think I'm going to open this page back up to anonymous comments and see what happens.

I was amazed at how gracious MM was to Geraldo.

Another thing that he said that was so completely idiotic was when someone (O'Reilly?) asked him if his friend Imus was a "conservative".

Jerry responded that no, he wasn't because... he had a hard living background with drinking and drugs, and he implied, sex - all things that Geraldo likes to brag about.

That is not how I define conservative versus liberal.
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That's nuts. Maybe that's why I can't hit the channel button fast enough when that Bozo comes on.
Moran's comment wasn't just moronic, but racist as well. He essentially said that those students don't deserve any sympasthy because they are white and rich.

Btw, RW, I posted my top 10 list from 1985 and your favorite movie is on it...
Thanks Sonia! Even though my request had little to do with the quality of the movie. :-)

He really is ridiculous and has an ego as large as Bill O'Reilly's - but with less positives in his favor. If not for his support of Bush and the War he'd be nothing but a has-been tabloid TV peddler.

He comments about Imus deserving to be fired, and his idiotic conclusion that people who partied hearty at one time can't be conservatives, indicates that he has no clue about the concept of redemption.

Maybe that's why he is so quick to side with people like Crystal the Duke Rape accuser - he always assumes that the "person of color" was wronged, and must believe that all white people are dyed in the wool racists and always will be - and are therefore congenitally irredeemable.
Buy Danish,

The only thing that makes me hesitant to blast Crystal is when the Attorney General said they believe that she believes all of her stories and also referred to some sealed documents. He sure wasn't pulling any punches in that press conference so I tend to believe what he said about her.

If she's really that mentally ill I really don't want to pile on her and even if she were completely sane it was Nifong that orchestrated the whole thing. There's a great series in the News and Observer about how Nifong gave this a life of it's own after police were about ready to drop the whole thing.

I'm not blasting her - I agree that she was a "victim" too because Nifong used her when he should have thrown the complaint out and directed her to the nearest psychiatric office.

I'm blasting Geraldo for always taking the side of the "minority" and assuming wrong doing on the part of the white guy.

He should have listened to Crystal's father!

I didn't mean for that to sound like you were blasting her, only that I would be if it weren't for the allusion to mental illness.

Geraldo should have been brought home and fired from Fox the day he tried to give away troop location early in Iraqi Freedom. I thought they finally dumped him when they gave him a show that failed over on Fox Network, but they brought him back anyway. What kind of contract must they have been foolish enough to give him?

Moving right along, remember when I told you about Rachel Marsden's background as a stalker?

Here's a whole thread on Hot Air where she pooh poohs what happened to the Duke Rape Accusers and calls them "Silver Spooners".

I notice that I often don't agree with a few of MM's people, like Bryan and AP - while I almost always agree with MM.

Unless I misunderstand it, they seem to have taken an anti-Ann Coulter position and I found this threat to ban someone for essentially being irritating to be a bit over the top.

TheBigOldDog, if you bring Coulter up out of context one more time, you’re banned. The two stories are dissimilar for a whole bunch of reasons. And Coulter was WEEKS ago now, but people like you are the ones who keep dredging it up.

You’re obsessed that we took a stand with which you disagreed. One time, out of hundreds or maybe thousands of stories. Take some simple advice. Get. Over. It.

Bryan on April 11, 2007 at 1:11 PM

That seems a bit control-freaky to me - it's not as if the guy said anything "offensive". I snuck in a compliment to the Old Dog to mellow things out a bit:)
Gosh, where have I been?

Geraldo Rivera isn't Puerto Rican?

Al Sharpton was an a-hole?

Goodness me. I must have been on drugs when I was a liberal. J/K

Geraldo was and IS a liberal. Old habits die hard. He's nowhere near his liberal death.

RW, it's not easy being "green". I have no way of tracking down my picture, and if I found it, I wouldn't know how to bring it here.

What's with the "Hello" crap in the backroom? You've gotta have javascript. You gotta undo this to do that. Sorry, that username is taken. Please type in the letters again. Geez, were some of them upper and some of them lower case?

I'm exhausted EXHAUSTED I tell you.


I don't mind being a snowflake.

Geraldo's father was Puerto Rican.
Buy Danish,

I just went to read the Hot Air thread and it looks those comments are gone but yours is there. I guess the Old Dog didn't make it.


I'll see if I saved that picture anywhere and try to give you a way to reclaim it.

I don't know why the backroom would be any different, but we're up against a far tougher foe that the evil Dr. Blogspot with this google crap.
Well Buy Danish. He must have loved his Dad more than his mom.

Why am I having to sign in each time I come here now?

I have NO patience for this computer stuff. I thought they were supposed to make our lives easy.

On the Duke case. Is this article a reaction to what one of the Duke lacrosse "victims" said in a news conference? That he was grateful that his parents had the resources for good legal representation, and that he was accutely aware that there were those who do not.

I anticipated that comment would bring a response, but I think he was showing humility, however awkward it may have appeared. Hell, he's still a kid. What does he know about humility?

I'll bet he had hell to pay at home.

I found your picture and I'll leave some instructions when I get over the fallout from this transition. If you go out of the comments to the main page and look at the top right you should see a sign in option. If you sign in there and click "remember me" you shouldn't have to keep signing in.

I took that comment to mean that he was horrified when he came to the realization that people could be so easily wrongfully accused and if they had a Nifong steamrolling them when they didn't have the resources to defend themselves that they would be put away.

I think it was more an awareness that our criminal justice system can be so easily manipulated that he had never had before.
Don't bother with the picture RW. I'll find something else, but you'll have to set it up for me.

When I went into my profile to edit the picture, I had to shake hands with Mr. "Hello" program before I could. Made their acquaintance. Then it was dump Mr. Yahoo toolbar and meet up with Mr. Javascript.

I began feeling like a slut. So many Mr. Programs so little time.

I was gonna say something about a "quickie" and then an exit, but it would have sounded so trashy. Oops, I just did.

At least I've got my trashcan now. I'll just go and throw myself into it.

Goodnight RW and Buy Danish.
Goodnight @@! I thought my path back to the blog was tough. At least I didn't have to consort with all your Misters.

He did make that comment, but what followed, I think, it was an awkward attempt at humility.

I'm not saying his humility wasn't sincere. He may be spoiled, but his eyes have definitely been opened to life's realities.

I'm off to bed now.

Miscellany -

I had the same reaction to the Duke kid you did.

The Google Monster did not remember me after I closed the page, dammit!

Re Hot Air, The Old Dogs comments are still there.

Starting here:

Gee Bryan, I wish you tired of the Coulter story this quickly or do you find what she did more offensive?

TheBigOldDog on April 11, 2007 at 1:08 PM

Goodnight @@. Goodnight Moon! Goodnight all!
Buy Danish,

I went to your first link and hadn't noticed the second one was the one you meant.

Goodnight! Let's hope we can slay the Google Monster once and for all soon.
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