Sunday, April 22, 2007

Meet the founder of Earth Day

But, there he was, looking half-asleep more than anything. The fat man with the unkempt beard [ed. and it wasn't the Goreacle], the King of the Radicals, the Prince of Flower Power, the Guru of Peace and Love. He called himself poetically, "Unicorn," because the name Einhorn (a German-Jewish name) means "one horn". But, this character was not a myth; he was very real and had created from an innocent era a flip-side world of reefers and LSD and free love. His was an innovation in the Age of Aquarius and he was the Chief Aquarian in Philadelphia, at one time revered by the "new generation" of the 1960s. Read the rest

And now for your reading pleasure while you enjoy this typical and normal Spring day a few updates on the hysteria of man made global warming.

OK, so maybe not completely typical since it's on track to be the coldest April in 113 years.

Is the debate over? Let's ask Richard S. Lindzen who is an MIT Professor of Meteorology , but really only needs to be as smart as a sixth grader to show this to be a myth.

There are some that say the earth has a fever and others that say global warming is going to make WWII look like heaven. Hmmm, I wonder what they have in common? The President of Czechoslovakia thinks one of them may be insane, but he didn't say anything about Silky Pony Pink Sapphire so it must be their political ambitions, oh and their lack of any credentials on the subject.

I know I'm not taking any chances today though. I'm going to fill a grill full of charcoal and do some serious BBQ, but I'm also going to plant some tomatoes and jalapenos. Happy Earth Day!

Screw Ira.

I lost two tomato plants, three okra plants, one squash plant and one cucumber plant to the recent freeze that followed 80 degree plus weather.

So how come it didn't kill all of the plants?

Global warming must be a "hit & miss" venture.

You were smart to wait RW,
'Ya know RW, I am tall, but not heavy. Trying to keep this side (left) of your blog weighted down is near impossible.

So here goes.

I'm really behind (not a behind). I just heard where Rosie is leaving The View. Well that, most definitely, will improve it...The View that is. Couldn't have happened to a more rancid nut.

So who should take her place?

I'll be giving that some thought. Don't know why though, I've only watched it a couple of times when Meredith V. was the moderator.

Why not Tammy Bruce? She's a lesbian with grey matter. Puts her somewheres between black and white.

There's only four of them, right?

Joy Behar (left and funny as hell in my opinion).

That little blonde girl (name escapes me). She's right.

Barbara Walters (Older and wiser).

Boy, that's ^^^ a hefty one. I'm feeling fat now. My job here is done.
I can't believe a pretty kitty like you thinks she would have a tough time providing balance.
(ISH)<-----Is that how it's done?


Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

I'm back to tip the scales over here.

Stratfor had an interesting analysis yesterday. I referred to it at ml's last night as a cliffhanger.

“The Democratic Party and the Future of the Anti-War Movement”

I'd post it here, but you know Stratfor.......H-E-A-V-Y stuff.

It would probably toss all you guys at the Sports Bar off your stools.

Anyway, I know the liberals like to come here to spy, so it's better to leave them clueless.

There was a snippet in there about how Barack Obama had proposed a plan where the government would offer healthcare for the auto-workers union, alleviating cost burden on the auto manufacturers. This, in Obama's mind, would enable to manufacturers to work with the environmentalists in pursuing clean-burning fuel-efficient autos.

So I'm thinking....hey this guy is into bribery....and with my money no less.

How many tires do you reckon could and would fall off Barack's car? Let's call it the "Utopian".

Sounds pretty though, don't it?
The anti-war crowd has the Democrats promoting their "cause".

But....will they accept the consequences of their actions?

At school our most profoundly disabled children begin learning through simple "cause & effect" apparatus.

Budget battle could cost American lives

About $3 billion for the vehicles is tied up in the legislation. The spending plan has stalled because of a dispute over provisions that would set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

At a hearing last month, lawmakers urged the Army to get more of the carriers to the battlefront as quickly as possible. The vehicles, with their unique V-shaped hull that deflects blasts outward and away from passengers, are considered lifesavers against the No. 1 killer in Iraq -- roadside bombs.

The greatest threat to our military in Iraq? Roadside bombs.

WTH are they thinking?
Well isn't that odd. I just read your new quote.

I hate white gravy. I love fried chicken though.

I'm a "half-ass".

I don't care much for white gravy either so he may be wrong, but I liked the quote.

My favorite is Larry the Cable Guy reading politically correct Christmas Carols.

He starts reading "Lady of the evening, Lady of the evening, Lady of the evening" He puts down the book and says, "Damn, can't we even say Ho Ho Ho anymore?"

I've heard of Larry TCG, but I've never seen him. Semper knows him well. He's always telling me about him.

Sometimes I wonder if Semper and I even live in the same house.

So what am I going to ask for when I go to Wally Mart RW?

My hoe is rusty and I need a new one. Where do you keep yours? Any garden variety will do.

Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Goodnight RW.
Don't like white gravy?

You just need the right amount of drippings.

I recall one of my art teachers showing us how to make glue out of flour and water.

I think my dislike for white gravy stems from that childhood experience. Is it a southern gravy?

There is no better gravy than that which comes from a pork roast.

Heaven. Simply heaven!
ummmm @@,

Elmers and biscuits.

Just grind some pepper on it and you got southern gravy;)
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