Sunday, April 15, 2007

What an awful week for a Ho to die. RIP Don

Donald Tai Loy "Don" Ho (August 13, 1930 – April 14, 2007)


Special delivery from one of your favorite sources! This isn't even off topic because it does have to do with the original "ho".

Pravda: Imus silenced by BushCo before he could expose 9/11
I just realized the other connection. Don Ho, Don Imus says Ho.

The best line of the week was from Wanda Sikes. She said when she heard what Imus said her jaw dropped and she went into complete shock. She thought Imus had died nine years ago.
Ummmmm RW?

Be honest. You chuckled when you wrote this title didn't you?

RIP Don?

Shame SHAME I say.

Should I have said RIP Ho?

Don Imus. Don Ho. Tiny Bubbles. The PC Left live in a Bubble and so forth.

What is it called, 6 Degrees of Separation?

I'm just testing that damned Dr. Blogspot. I have entered this domain via Firefox and it remembers me!

Maybe it's IE that sucks. If Firefox would just get rid of that annoying scroll bar when one uses HTML code...
This is a test to see what the funky scroll bar is.

Buy Danish,

That is irritating. I'm logged on in both IE7 and Firefox right now. Maybe you could keep both browsers open and post from IE when you want to add a link and Firefox any other time.

Do you have a Google tool bar on both browsers?

Isn't that scroll bar like really annoying? I can't figure out why on Earth they do that.

I only have a Google tool bar at IE and the only reason I have it is for spell check, which I don't really don't need with Firefox - although Google's version better.

Oh darn - I guess I need it to get my Gmail too. This is just too much for poor little me!

I have tried keeping two browsers open but it starts to get confusing, especially when you're cutting and pasting from other websites.

I forgot to mention that the Firefox scroll bar gets really bad if there is a long URL. The one you picked was relatively short - try a photo from Google's image file if you want to get really irritated :)
Buy Danish,

The short one was more than enough to figure out how irritating that was. I looked through the Firefox settings and didn't see a way to change that. Later I'll go face to face with the Google Monster and see if she has any ideas.
Buy Danish,

It's really easy to set up Outlook to go get your gmail messages. You just have to manually select that account when you want to respond using it rather than your main address.

I'll have to think about that last handy bit of info you just gave me too - again, after I have slept first.

I like having Gmail separate since it's kind of a junk mail system for me, and my Outlook emails are overflowing so much I don't want to add to them.

I don't like the way Gmail is set up at all and can't imagine using it as a primary email address either.
Buy Danish,

I wasn't even contemplating gmail as a primary source. I'm just saying it's easy to have Outlook go get your gmails, but if you want to respond anonymously you have to be careful because Outlook will respond using your primary email account unless you select a different one for that response.

I think I'll pass! Presumably I can get a Google toolbar for Firefox, right? Of course everytime my computer goes crazy I'm told by Microsoft that its the toolbar's fault with their spyware etc, so if I have one in two places does that mean I'm in for double trouble?

Before I call it a day, this is interesting from Hot Air, about Bill Maher going after the Stalinists at Media Matters.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend on this one!

Goodnight and thanks for all the geekspertise!
Rip Ho?

Gee, there's no escape is there?

Oh well, you wrote it. You own it. (ISH)
HO HO HO, stphhlsssppttttt!

Who in the heck is this blog policing WTFBBQ. If his appearances are rare, why does he care who posts what and how.

Arrrgggghhhh, I get so tired of these people over there who think that if the conservatives would just alter their level of discussion, the liberals would follow suit.

It's almost as though they want to deceive you into removing your armor so they can move in for the kill.

Let's see if my stphhlsssppttttt, rasberry shows up.
Yessssss! And I wear it well.
Hey there green eyes.

Very cute, I like it.

Just ignore the BBQ BS'er.
Now isn't that just adorable?!!? A green eyed bear with his/her tongue out.
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