Saturday, May 12, 2007


On Tuesday night, I ask that you lay out an agenda for America that speaks to how you as president will make real the hopes of this great nation through actions, I ask that you affirm for us that the surest way to secure the future is to create “legacy wealth” or ownership - in one’s business, one’s home, and one’s community. Legacy wealth in turn creates for our children and our children’s children real value in that little thing we call the American dream.

That dream reminds us that while your name may not be Rockefeller or Trump; or even Oprah, your legacy is just as rich, your dreams are no less real and your opportunities are yours for the taking.

During the debate, I hope you will communicate an agenda that seeks to empower not by creating dependency but by creating opportunity.

Share with America whether you believe government has a limited role in our lives such that it never becomes powerful enough to infringe on the rights of the individual.

Share with America whether you believe in lower taxes, responsible spending and fiscal accountability, so that individuals might keep more of their hard earned money, and realize the economic power that it represents.

Share with America whether you believe in business regulations that encourage entrepreneurs, so that more individuals can enjoy the satisfaction and fruits of self-made success.

Share with America whether you believe in the ideal of a colorblind society, so that each man or woman is treated as an individual, and not as a member of some class or group.

But also share with America that you understand that the gap between Washington and our families is real; that the disconnect between elected leadership and the people is real.

Reaffirm for voters that our Republican Party recognizes that each of us are empowered not by government but by our own individual aspirations; that each of us are empowered because we are free and we are free because we are the light of that “shining city on hill” in which the American dream is not a slogan but an opportunity.


I know a winner when I see one. M. Steele is awesome. He puts me in mind of Ronald Reagan.

He's not one to hold a grudge either. He was led to believe he would be Chairman of the RNC, but it went to a hispanic instead.

This guy is no "steve-o". He's easy on the eyes too. I was rather shocked to see someone post that I liked "dark" meat at ml's. Like a white woman can't see a black man as attractive.

Optimism is the "key" to success. Pessimism is just a "slug".

I think I've created ^^^ with my mantra.

Tell your wife that @@ says "Happy Mother's Day".
Thanks @@ and Happy Mother's Day to you too!

I wasn't kidding when I said I would love a Herman Cain/Michael Steele ticket and either order would be fine. Supporting conservatives is racist though or so I've been told by the moonbat choir.
Oh crap! Take out that "with my" and replace it with "my new".


How is Herman Cain doing since his cancer diagnosis? I sent him an
e-mail wishing him success in the battle, but I haven't heard or read anything since.

Answer when you can, I'm off to remove some yard grime. I've been playing in the dirt all day.

He's doing great. He has his own radio show on WSB on Saturdays and he fills in for Boortz quite a bit. He's also going around the country attending FairTax rallies.

ml's blog "aches" for a brain transplant to fill the void between Daniel's ears. I "ache" to see just one liberal who can post anything worth reading over there.

I've begun to edit for the word "aches" and it takes me straight to a Daniel post.

(Insert high-pitched female shriek here)

Since I opened my comment with Daniel the Depressed, I'm forced to say that Musharraf's re-election is in serious trouble in Pakistan if he even makes it that far.

Not to worry though, it seems the administration began anticipating his demise a year ago. I just don't know what their plans are to compensate for the loss.
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