Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007


I've been waiting for your Memorial Day post. You always make them special.

Handsome little boy with a very sad face. It makes know!

The article didn't really give much info on his Dad. Reserves? Living on base, near a base?

Anyway, males (preferably military) offering familiar, sights, sounds & believe it or not, scents can really keep his Dad close.

Here's a secret. I still have one of my Dad's fatigue shirts securely wrapped in plastic. Sometimes when I'm up in the attic, I take it out and breathe in.

It's still there....his scent. Maybe it's just in my head, but it doesn't matter now does it? The memory lingers and comforts.

Thank you for sharing that. You're right, little things like that mean can mean so much.

The most bloodthirsty, war mongering filth on the face of the planet has the nerve.

Down is up, and up is down.

Now post my personal info so that I can call scumbusters.
Are you just muttering to yourself midori?

Catching up...

I have been reading a bit of The Reagan Diaries courtesy of "Vanity Fair".

One of the excerpts movingly describes a moment at the memorial services for the American troops who were killed in the Lebanon suicide bombing.

Reagan writes, "One little boy, 8 or 9, politely handed me a manila folder saying it was something he'd written about his father. Later when I read it I found it was a poem entitled 'Loneliness.'"

I thought of that little boy when I read your Memorial Day tribute and saw that picture.

War is Hell.

And anyone who thinks we enjoy war is a depraved freak.
You know Midori, for somebody who is always LingOL, ROTFLing, and LingHFAO, you sure are one sad and angry female.

Does anything "special" ever happen in your life or is every day a downer for you?

Is your online persona a big facade?

I can't even begin to imagine what it is about your life that keeps you so enraged.
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