Saturday, August 18, 2007

Which is more laughable?

John Edwards calling someone a she-devil and then said the she-devil in question and other assorted devils like her engage in hateful language without, apparently, recognizing that some people might consider it a tad hateful to be called a devil....

"We know these people. We know their game plan. They're going to attack us personally," Edwards said. "They attacked Elizabeth personally, because she stood up to that she-devil Ann Coulter. … I should not have name-called. But the truth is -- forget the names -- people like Ann Coulter, they engage in hateful language."

....or ABC intentionally distorting the story to make it appear that Edwards was right in his hateful labeling?

In June, Coulter went on ABC's "Good Morning America" and said she had learned her lesson after being blasted for suggesting in a joke before the Conservative Political Action Conference that Edwards was a "faggot." "If I'm gonna say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot," Coulter said.

Fortunately an astute reader at the ABC blog jumped on this blatant bias inaccuracy in the very first comment.

You conveniently forgot to add that Coulter's comment was mocking a comment by Bill Maher who said that he thought it would be good if Vice President Cheney was killed in a trip to Afghanistan. His comment was at the same time as Coulters' "faggot" comment but received little to no coverage. The Edwards camp took her comment on "Good Morning America" out of context and placed it on their website.

Posted by: CompMike | Aug 17, 2007 7:58:31 PM

From Hot Air we're reminded of John lecturing us on not tolerating the sort of thing he's engaging in presumably just to shake the piggybanks of what's left of his support.

I totally agree.

ABC engaged in pure journalistic negligence.

They probably should have covered the real story about John Edwards that was posted in the Wall Street Journal.

But, the elitists continue to tell the audience, “The customer is always wrong and too stupid to know what good Journalism is.”

You can read my take about ABC's rekindling of the Edwards' vs. Coulter catfight (along with the blatant misquoting of Coulter) at Copious Dissent - Your Daily Dose of Liberty
Devil's Advocate,

Your comment showed up so soon after I published this post I thought for sure it was a spambot comment.

Glad to see it wasn't and that you've got quite an interesting and informative blog over at Copious Dissent.
RW and (Devil's Advocate).

The good news is that the vast majority of comments in response to ABC's fraudulent story were from conservatives (Drudge readers no doubt) and the comments that were from those who hate Ann Coulter were nonsensical.

In response to a Lefty reader asking what her credentials were I posted the parts of her bio that details her stellar education and accomplishments.

The comment disappeared at some point - so I'm guessing that ABC doesn't like it when you quote other sources (which I clearly sourced).

Or maybe they didn't like the truth?

As for the hilarious She-Devil comment, I think Edwards should spin it that his use of the word "Devil" proves that he is a believer and thus he is the perfect candidate for Christians.

He can morph the losing concept of "The Two Americas" into a "big tent" where Christians and secular progressives can live in perfect harmony.
Already Been Chewed was laughable.

However, I thought John Edwards (one call that's all ken nugent with his sheet eating grin) was even more laughable.

Maybe they should ask his blogmistress Amanda Marcotte?
Well, John Edwards DID reveal is plans to combat terrorism while speaking in NYC.

"CITO will allow members to voluntarily share financial, police, customs and immigration intelligence. Together, nations will be able to track the way terrorists travel, communicate, recruit, train and finance their operations," Edwards said in a speech at New York's Pace University.

In that same speech he said...

Even the closest of allies have been reluctant to share intelligence, but Edwards said that was largely due to the lack of such an international structure.

I'm impressed....NOT!!!
Yes, dealing with it on the "honor system"...that just isn't going to fly.

Or is that just the "progressive" thing to do?
Hi JayNot, I'll call it the "Whimpy" foreign policy approach...

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

See 'ya!
Hey @@!

'specially if it's one of dem salty burgers. ack!
Well this sounds like a wonderful idea but then what do I know? I'd like someone else's opinion.

Troops share tips on Web
DANG!!!!! I can't believe I remembered how to link here.

Can the moonbats access that tip sharing site? When I went into it, it just asked for your e-mail, a password and a concern.

If the moonbats can gain access, it's slated for destruction. They ruin everything they come in contact with.
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