Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day 2007



On this Veteran’s Day, I would again like to honor my nephew, Rory Coburn, 24th MEU SOC Iraq; USMC, for guaranteeing me the freedom that I and most of America take for granted every day. As I said last year, we are all in awe that you, at such a young age, are a Veteran of a Foreign War. We are humbled by your accomplishments.

But Rory’s honor and duty to God, family and country continue even after his military service. My mommy, his grandmother, passed away 13 days ago, and if ever I thought Rory couldn’t make me prouder with his service to his country, he proved me wrong.

On the day his grandmother died, Rory packed a bag and moved into my papa’s house, making sure his grandfather was taking care of himself, was eating and was never alone. The wisdom and foresight of that gesture from one so young will resonate with me forever. There were no words of thanks adequate enough then, that I could offer, when I was so utterly devastated by my mommy’s passing. How he remained so strong and in control I will never understand, but I will remain eternally grateful to him. Words still escape me.

And as Rory openly wept while carrying my mommy’s casket, I couldn’t help but think our big, strong veteran is so young to have seen and experienced so much grief and tragedy in his life. But just as he valiantly carried out his duties to America, he so valiantly came through for his grandfather, aunts, uncle and cousins again, on a beautiful November day, as he carried his beloved grandmother to her final resting place.

Thank you, Rory, for your service to our nation, and to my mommy, your grandmother. She loved you so much, as I do. And as your “grandpap” says about you every day, “that boy’s alright!!!”
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