Thursday, June 15, 2006

As Summer approaches reality begins to set in for the Democrats

Somehow I knew you could use a good laugh. I guess it would be more accurate to say reality is descending on them, but there isn't a chance in ten they will notice.

On the face Busby’s loss seems like a great improvement, a “moral victory” if you will, over her last general election. Her 45 percent was a marked increase from her 2004 showing of 37 percent. But in 2004 she was facing an entrenched, 7th term incumbent. Then, the Republican base was energized and the GOP picked up seats in the Senate and the House, and President Bush shattered the record for the number of votes received by a Presidential candidate. The opposite is expected this year.

In reality Busby’s loss was a dismal failure and shows the major uphill battle that the Democrats have just to save face in November. Figure everything that Busby had going for her:

I first laid out the sequence here and so far everything is right on schedule. At this point I would say that both chambers of Congress will remain in Republican control with about a 3 seat +/- change in the House and a net loss of one seat for the Republicans in the Senate. Of course if the Democrats ever lay out their plan this could become a Republican landslide.

You and Dustin are as bad as the Democrats predicting a November sweep!

Then again, there's nothing wrong with cheerleading.

I'm still predicting a minor loss for the GOP, so I wouldn't really call that a sweep.

I also think Jack/John Mothra (D-Okinawa) should quit cowering at the site of San Fran Nan and resume his chase for the majority leader post. All he needs is Sancho Panza by his side.
The Democrats have always depended on their opponents to commit suicide. It is their platform. The problem is, they keep wrestling for the weapon, shooting themselves in the process.

Who are all the new people at ml's. I'm not sure it's worth my time to catch up.

I think it's Summer camp over there. Goldie is a super-leftist that probably thinks the Democrats are too conservative. Spammin' like Andy is the same pervert that has gone by several other names to post the same. "One of the Majority's voices of dissent" sounds like the same jerk that used "Socialist Democrat" before.

I don't know that I would try to catch up as much as just jump back in and see where it goes. Are you back?

What a delightful thought--Democrats tilting at windmills. But they are not amusing like the dear little Sancho Panza! Especially that crowing insulting crowd over at mls. Whew!! (Err Seneca, am I Dustin?)

OO--glad you are back. We missed you. AJC has been mean to RW while you were gone. But he was stalwart and brave--as usual.

Dustin Hawkins is the guy who wrote the TownHall piece that RW linked to. But as your politics are similar, please don't consider the idea an insult!

@@, welcome back!
After reading the first paragraph here, and eventually expecting to read something similar coming from Dem when they get "good news", like lets say Kennedy, his "prescriptions", his "take pity on me" routine, and everyone doing just that and ignoring/forgetting about it. I had to decompress and RW just set up the perfect post for it. So, I'm About to go on a non PG 13 rant over here, bear with me...this goes for both parties Adapted from the Chris Rock skit

Rant: Politicians always want some credit for some shit they just supposed to do, for some shit they supposed to do.
Politicians brag about some shit a normal person just does, Politicians do stuff like drive while under the influence, crash into public property and then say shit like: "Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, any impaired driving is wrong"...No shit, you are not supposed to be high nor drive while impaired to you dumb m*#@&%Fu$&%, What are you talking about, what are you bragging about, what kind of IGNORANT shit is that. "I ain't never been indicted", What you want a cookie, You are not supposed to be indicted. you low expectation having m*#@&%Fu$&%!....Tired of this shit!

I also wanted to add: A politician brags about wining a special election in which the district is 60% on your side...but truthfully that's not the politicians fault that's just us the brain effing dead voters fault, so politicians get a pass on that one, and should brag.

You really should post earlier in the day so that doesn't all build up. Nice rant, though.

Did you notice from the story that CA-50 really isn't a 60% district and is, in fact, the third most competitive district in the State?
RW- I took the Bush-Kerry results, because it was such a polarizing election. But you are right my point should have been:

Reps shouldn't gloat since, it says our guy was a crook at the highest level and we still get re-elected, our base is Damn near retarded.

And the Dems in that district should just move to Canada if they can't even chose a qualified Dem candidate that they can actually elect after the Duke scandal. It should have been a gimme.

Basically voters are stupid [Period]...heck people keep electing McKinney.
I'm not the biggest fans of polls, but they do make for interesting reading:

06/15/06 FOX News Poll: Dems Hold Double-Digit Lead in Congressional Vote

Naturally, this says nothing about what may happen in November.

Those particular polls are even more meaningless than most, because that poll could be accurate and stay that way right through election day and not make the first bit of difference.

If we had a Parliament or a Knesset it would matter. It even matters a little bit when there is a Presidential election. For 2006 this poll does absolutely nothing but put dinner on the table of a few pollsters, writers, and pundits.
Well, since this poll doesn't break things down state-by-state, it doesn't carry a lot of weight with me, either.

But they can be fun to look at!
What is the reality for the dems? They have individually taken every position on every issue and the republicrats have screwed up their own wet dream. I always hated those premature awakenings.

If the Libertarians put up a candidate that understood how to fight the current global situation they could get some votes this time. Just damn.

You're right about the Libertarians, but that's where they go off the cliff themselves. Boortz would be a great spokesman for the Libertarians, but a lot of them didn't even want him to speak at their convention because he supports the war.
I heard, but haven't been able to verify, that Matt Stone and Trey Parker were asked about politics and they gave a great answer. One of them said, "I hate republicans but I really, really hate democrats."

I've seen them interviewed a few times and it wouldn't surprise me at all if that were true. You've got to give them credit for pretty much picking on anyone.
Yeah, it's not like there isn't an abundance to laugh at. We humans are entertaining. It really is like earth is a reality TV show for the universe.

Say man, how do I get myself one of those nifty pictures. I just want to fit in amongst the bloggers.

You set up a profile here. It will take you to a step to create a blog, but you don't have to. Once you have a profile setup you have to edit the profile which has a line for you to put in a URL for a picture.

If you have a picture in mind that isn't in a URL you can easily use let me know how to find the picture and I will give it a URL.
Ten Roger, hopefully I will soon be representing too strong. Thanks for your assistance.
Does this make me look fat?
Damn, I didn't have anything on. Our secret, OK? I'm going to go get dressed.
Hopefully I have on more than my feather?
That file size limitation is awful, I'll be back.
Scooter- Welcome into the Blue aka...The Occult

I don't think you're supposed to mention The Occult until the new members have fully joined.
Hopefully this will cover my tattoos? It's all about the professionalism.
Alright I'm in and I like my handle, but it's not for jerkin me around, OK. I think it has meanings on different levels and I like its depth.
OK, what is this occult? Do we get to sacrifice something and bath in blood?
Bathe... bathe in the bath
ummm....DavidU is in charge of the festivities....yea it's DavidU...and that's all I can say
Scooter- Ok first thing first; when ever possible blame America and Bush for any thing and everything...uhm, sorry that's from the "How to be like Fidel Castro and rule forever initiation book" and according to the list, Evo Morals actually has a hold on the book, so I need to send it to him.

[looking for The Occult pamphlet]

Ok here..."The Occult an initiation into the blue"

-->First rule of The Occult is: you do not talk about the Occult.

-->Second rule of Occult is - you DO NOT talk about Occult (We got lazy and repetition is really the only way for this to sink in).

-->Third rule of the Occult, someone yells Stop!, goes brain dead, and gives in, the argument is over and you acknowledge that the other party has a point.

-->Fourth rule, provide links, no one trust or likes BS.

-->Fifth rule, no your Mama jokes. Everyone has a mom and moms don't deserved to be talked about.

-->Sixth rule, no shirt, no shoes (ok that only goes for the girls really, actually I made that rule but no one seems to be following it).

-->Seventh rule, arguments will go on as long as they have to.

-->And the eighth and final rule, if this is your first night at the Occult, you have to provide a link and an argument.
Sounds good, but I don't know how to link in html and it is solely because Bush has under funded education.
Jeez you leave DavidU in charge for half an hour and you've got Scooter bashing the President.
Scooter- RW has this to help with learning how to link

From Blogger


here, the top of the page
I must clarify; in the "How to be like Fidel Castro and rule forever initiation book" it actually doesn't specify for the leader/dictator/reader to blame Bush, but rather the President of the USA....oh and Congress, but mostly the President ie. Bush [for now ;) ].
Nuts are good for humans. They contain proteins and high density lipids that our bodies can put to good use. This only scratches the surface of the infestation problem our planet is experiencing. On the other side of the coin we have our less fortunate that could certainly use the nutrition that is left in much of our liter. But wouldn’t you know it, but those poor souls have to compete with the fuzzy tailed rats that are invading many of the homeless’s food supplies. It wouldn’t be such a dire situation, but genetic mutations have given the squirrels the added advantage of flight. The evidence for eradicating the nations squirrel populations is overwhelming.

I like that second instruction a lot better. The blogger one that I guess I have posted seems to cause everybody put in the http:// twice.
Alright, the kitty cat is home and needs some petting. I hope my initiation met your lowest expetations? I'll catch you all on the flip side.
Scooter- I'm speechless......squirrels. Got to love them, always looking for a nut. I wonder if there are more squirrels in Decatur than other parts of Atlanta? (sarc.)

I think RW should review the rules of "that which we do not talk about", to specify the first link be Political related, and then the squirrel link can be unleashed.

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