Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When fake pictures aren't enough....

...turn to headlines. From the Associated Press via Yahoo, of course:

Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire

Now doesn't that sound like Israel violated the cease fire? In the story:

Highlighting the fragility of the peace, Hezbollah guerrillas fired at least 10 Katyusha rockets that landed in southern Lebanon early Tuesday, the Israeli army said, adding that nobody was injured. The army said that none of the rockets, which were fired over a two-hour period, had crossed the border and so it had not responded.

**UPDATE** AP/Yahoo has changed the headline, kind of like Mike Luckovich changed the title of his Pot to Kettle cartoon after the heat was put on. This should be to the original headline.

Wow, when I saw this headline about an hour ago, I didn't even stop to read it. Rushed right over to FlyerTalk to see how my Israel & Lebanese friends were. . .they were cautiously optimistic about the cease-fire last night and it was the most positive they've been in a long time.

Then, I read the rest of your article. . .the headline writer is just stupid. . .probably never even read the writer's story. That's just wrong.

Have a wonderful day, RW -- talk to you later.


P.S. Forgot to tell you -- I entertained myself earlier with your links to the naked protesters. They made me laugh, but the signs were really upsetting. Had to keep checking to make sure they were really Americans on American soil. I know, I know, free speech, blah, blah, blah :-)
Perhaps "I entertained myself" was not the BEST choice of words -- now I'm really laughing!

Good day, RW!

Well you've entertained me now!


If you click on the link now, the headline has been modified.

I heard this story last nite on Fox and found it puzzling. Eventually it was determined that the target was Israeli soldiers.
Buy Danish,

It figures. One of these days I'll remember to do a screen capture on this kind of thing.

I think San Francisco is crawling with exhibitionists that will carry any kind of sign if they get to roam the streets naked. Most of them should be paid not to.
See if this link works.
I thought it was just me missing the point when I clicked on the link and read a different headline.

When Hezbollah violates this cease-fire and Israel retaliates I'll be saying "Yahooooooo".

Off topic...AJC says "Barbaro is Doing Fine"...

He prefers his "left hind" but he can't tolerate the flies?

What a conundrum!! ;)

The thing that scares me about Barbaro is that every time the press says he's doing well problems crop up and vice versa. Basically the press being their usual insightful selves.


Don't go to the "Pot to Kettle" link in the update. It's not one of your favorites.

Ah yes, I see that the original story also had a photo of displaced Lebonese men standing in rubble, while now it has a picture of smiling Israeli soldiers.
Buy Danish,

I hadn't noticed the drastic photo change. When these libs get caught at something they pull out all the stops to hide it don't they?

It's like dealing with children.

"Did you break that?"


"Why is that glass in your trashcan?"

"What trashcan?"


Unfortunately these children are very dangerous bad seeds.
Man, is THIS what you were all fired up about when you answered my blog question today? Panties all in a bunch and whatnot.

You have a strange idea of "all fired up," maybe you should lose this particular picture.
Good evening, RW -- hope your day was a good one.

Thanks for the "pot" warning. . .that very well could have ended the d'etente between us (big smile!)

Good to see I made you laugh this morning, Buy Danish!

@@ -- I won money on Barbaro (first time EVER I wagered on the Kentucky Derby) and was devasted when he later broke his leg. I agree RW, everytime there's a good report, another, more horrible one follows.

Hope all is well in everyone's world tonight!
Hey RW -- Cynthia has a message for you (I just read the article in the AJC.)

"McKinney also said the state of Georgia should prohibit crossover voting among political parties in primary elections. . . and end its system of runoff elections."

tee hee hee

I'm telling you, she'd fit right in up here!

For many years Georgia was completely dominated by Democrats. Right now we have our first Republican Governor since reconstruction.

The system of not registering by party and allowing crossover voting was put in place by Democrats so they could control who their Republican opponent would be.

Thanks for the factoid about why anyone can vote in any primary. Classic!

These Dems sure are sore losers.

Diebold. Diebold.
Buy Danish,

That is, of course, one of those factoids that would be denied to the ends of the earth.

Kind of like the way they insist that a Senator in Connecticut with a 90% liberal voting record is somehow a dyed in the wool Republican.
Picture? You talking about Whits? NEVER!!!

So how's it going, RW? Talk to me.

Didn't you teach me that this wasn't talking? If you lived in the ATL you wouldn't be flashing Whitney around like that.
Good afternoon, RW -- hope all is well.

Here is a really dumb question, because I should remember but I just don't. I moved to GA in 1976 -- when I registered to vote, did I have to declare a party then? It seems to me that I didn't, but when I registered up here in 2002, I did.

Am I wrong on that? And can I cross party lines to vote in primaries up here? (I swear, I have researched this question and cannot find the answer on Google or any CT voting site.)

If there's a better site than the Official CT Voter's Website that you know of, I'd happily go to it to find my own answers.

How is one to prepare one's self to run for office, if state's websites don't answer the simple questions?!!

Thank you, RW.

I didn't see anything easy to follow on the Conn. rules either. The voter registration form seems to make it sound like you have to declare a party to vote in a primary and the form has to be in 5 days before an election, but there is an ominous warning that changing parties could keep you off any voting rolls for three months.

I would call the phone number on the form I linked and find out for sure.

I'm not sure when the current Georgia rules were put in place, but it would go back at least to when you registered. Here you just show up on primary day and check which ballot you want. In the case of a runoff you can only vote the party you selected in the primary, but if you didn't vote at all in the primary you can vote in either party's runoff.
Honu: Are you going to run for a political office in Connecticut? If so, what office? You don't have to answer. That's exciting. :)

I've always been active in and acquainted with politicians in my county. Just recently I was approached about sitting on the local Housing Authority. Great pay, minimal work. My answer? NO THANKS. I knew them well enough to know that I was going to be used & abused. In other words, influenced.

If you can stand the heat, you can cook in politics.

RW: You're getting rather lazy over here. Conflict seems to inspire you to do more. Should I stir some up? ;-)

Does that mean because I haven't posted anything new here since yesterday? Perhaps because I haven't bothered to put the scribblers effort up? Actually you're right, maybe I'll find a bunch of obscure links.

Will you be able to read them?
Hi @@ - Hope you had a good day - haven't been to MLs yet, so I can't wait to see what you and the rest of the gang blogged about today -

I'm seriously considering a political run; trying to figure out where I'd do the most good. I think I'm finally old enough now to believe, without doubt, what I believe in, and I'm tired of remaining on the sidelines and not doing anything about it.

Hi RW -- thank you so very, very much for that link. At least I know now it wasn't just me not understanding CT's website. I would have never thought to look at the on-line registration form, since I'm already registered - that was brilliant. (You give me a lot of advice and in-sight, not to mention great reading material -- anytime you want to start charging, I'd be happy to pay -- don't see any PayPal icon here, however; check into that!) :-)

Also, RW, don't know if you've been following the FlyerTalk thread -- some interesting insight from Beruit @ 3:27 a.m. this morning (BEY comments on Hizbollah's humanitarian efforts. . .makes my blood boil that those thugs are going to end up freakin' heroes.)

So far we only deal in cyber mangoes as a means of payment. :-)

I heard last night that 1.5 million people in Connecticut voted in the last Presidential election and there were about 300,000 that voted in the Democrat primary. Considering the large % turnout numbers you told us about and the fact that Republicans are about as common as hens teeth up there, you must have a tremendous amount of unaffiliated or Independent voters. No wonder they are trying to pressure Joe into dropping out. It sounds to me like he will win fairly easily.
RW -- then I am "forever in your mango". Again, thank you.

You may very well be right that non-affiliated voters are going to come out for Lieberman in the fall. Look at this article I found in the Courant. . .these stats address your observation on a Lieberman win.


And I have found out that my little town of South Windsor did not have the highest voter turnout (I still love the little old people anyway). . .that distinction went to Cornwall with 79% (wherever the heck that is!!!)

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