Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We are consistent

Even though the blog opened on the 14th last year, the site counter was added on the 16th. Exactly six months later we welcomed our 10,000th visitor. Remarkably or at least consistently we will will welcome our 20,000th visitor today, exactly six months from the last milestone. I guess you could say any number of things about that depending on your outlook on life. I think it's blind luck!


We have a winner!!! Believe it or not the odds are very strongly against it being one of the regulars here, but not when @@ is playing. Congratulations to @@ and I hereby present her kind words and a hearty handshake.


So if I post 31 times in a row I can get be the 20,000th visitor?
Buy Danish,

It's only supposed to count you once each day no matter how many times you visit or post, but feel free to post away.

Thanks RW! I would never just post away in an attempt to reach that magic number, since fame is not a prize I have any use for.

Now, if you wanted to offer something useful like a pitcher of mangoritas...

I never win these things...

You got close! 19,995 ain't bad.
RW -- I want to be #19,999 -- did I do it?
Did I do it now?

The visit number doesn't have anything to do with comments. We have WAY more comments than that.
We've been sitting on 19,999 for about an hour now.
I've never won anything in my life. When I do hit on the slots, I foolishly gamble it away to my original investment. I always leave with $20. But I have taken it up to $600. THAT'S BIG FOR ME.

I'm due for a big win. What's the prize?
I'm honored. It's better than a $20, turned $600, and reduced to $20 again.

Your kind words?

An everyday occurence here at your place. It's one of the reasons I visit. Thanks for the handshake too.

I think I'll do a shooter to celebrate. This really does make me
Shoot @@, where's my shooter?
Oops RW, you've got a mess to clean ^^^ up.


Here's your shooter, 1st one on the right.

Everyone can feel free to partake before I down mine & return. Be forwarned, I'm "fast on the draw."

OMG, the mess is gone. Now people will think I'm drunk and seeing things.

If I go back to that link and the glasses are empty I'll know why you think there was a mess to clean up.


At least that time it was just car insurance spam.

I have nothing in particular to say except that it's way too early for tequila, but I'll take a rain check until sometime after 5 if I hit the magic number.

I like mine turned imto some sort of garita in a frosty glass. Straight tequila makes me gag, any time of day or night.
Buy Danish,

Are you sure you weren't in the tequila already? Unless you have a different magic number in mind @@ has already been enshrined as Ms. 20K.
Buy Danish,

I don't know what the hell is going on. I'm receiving email, but it isn't sending.
Your e-mails are getting to me RW.

Buy Danish: "Good" tequila shots don't stay on the tongue long enough to make you gag.

I enjoy the body contact before the shooter. J/K, I've never done body shots except licking my own hand.

Maybe it's the limes and salt that I like before and after.

Well damn, I didn't see the UPDATE. Congratulations @@!

What did you get to drink? Thank goodness Dusty's not around with her Manichevitz!

Are you insinuating that I'm not really sending anything to BD?

shhhh....don't tell her that!
And I didn't see the last updates either!


I like shots of raw oysters, but I can't handle straight tequila, no matter how fine it is. I do like the lime and salt bit though.

Do you Yahoo? Check there. You should have 2 messages.

If you don't then my email is screwed up too.
Buy Danish,

They came through on Yahoo. I just sent you a test message from my regular email but I don't think it went anywhere.
It didn't. I'm going to shut down the computer and figure out what's going on because it's me not Bell.

Be back in a while.
Hi RW -- your parrot joke to Midori is hysterical. You get my favorite post of the day award! Thanks for the laugh :-.)
Buy Danish:

I love raw oysters. Have you ever had them roasted?

Thanks for the congrats. I like the sound of Ms. 20K. I'm leaving now to talk to Semper. Tell him I'm worth 20K. (Wink&Smile)

What can I get for 20K? There's got to be something I want.

Nope! I'm happy as an oyster...or is that a clam? 20 clams?

Nite guys.

Don't spend that 20K all at once!

I went to an oyster roast in Charleston. What a disappointment! Not nearly as good as fried clams or raw oysters.

Good night.
If 20K was so popular, maybe the next milestone should be 24K. That sounds like pure gold to me!

24 K sounds like gold indeed!

Hey, if you missed O'Reilly catch the re-run with Dennis Miller and be sure to stick through that segment until the end.

Buy Danish,

I'll give it a try if I can tear myself away from the Bush bashing at Comedy Central and on Letterman.

RW -- Obamamania is not near as clever as my "Barackapaloosa."

Daily Show? Call me. . .


It's a main stream media plot to get Ted Kennedy to stop calling Obama, Osama. So they had to make a play on the last name.

His middle name is Hussein so we can call his supporters Husseiniacs!

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